Another Lame Lambeth Points to a New Future for Anglicanism

True to form, the recent Lambeth Conference again brought to the fore conflicts over same-sex marriage and human sexuality. The fault lines were as expected, with the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA), pressing hard to force other provinces to ban same-sex marriage, while progressive provinces artfully pushed for an agreement to disagree. And the result was… Read More »

Breaking News: ESN Demands Explanation for Refusal to Discipline Adulterous Priest

The Episcopal Survivors Network, which shares several staffers with this publication, today issued the following press release regarding the outrageous conduct on the part of Bishop Susan Goff, Title IV intake officer the Rev. Sven van Baars, and other diocesan officials in responding to allegations of adultery by the Rev. Dr. Tom Simmons, rector of St. Peter’s in… Read More »

And this just in: The Episcopal Church gets more sobering news from the book of numbers

By Dr. Brian Burge, used with permission. Original at My very first experience with The Episcopal Church (TEC) was on a youth group mission trip to Huntsville, Ala. We were with a group called World Changers, which was an evangelical organization that helped organize free labor from young people for individuals who did not have the ability… Read More »

Episcopal Survivors Network Condemns Episcopal Connection with Torture

The Episcopal Survivors Network, which shares several team members with this publication, today sent out a press release on the connection between St. Paul’s Alexandria and so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. The latter, considered torture by many, were deployed as part of the so-called war on terror. The release omitted mention of sexual abuse of prisoners, which may or… Read More »

Ted Haggard Back to His Old Tricks

Reprinted with permission from my dear friend Dee Parsons’ blog, Wartburg Watch. Recall that Haggard claimed to be healed of his same-sex desires. Apparently, not so much, even as he allegedly adds methamphetamines to the sordid mix. “Methamphetamine is a hideous drug. Meth makes a person paranoid, violent, and aggressive – making them a serious threat to society… Read More »

Breaking News: Beth Abrahamson Wrote Checks to Herself Totaling $1,481.91 in 2019-2020 Alone

Things with the St. Paul’s dissidents are getting uglier by the minute, and it increasingly appears a criminal investigation is warranted. That’s because in 2020 alone, Beth Abrahamson wrote checks to herself totaling $1,481.91. And she personally signed the checks. Nor does the amount include checks she wrote to Montvale Landscaping and Piatt family members—all relatives of hers.… Read More »

The Hypocrisy of Tom Simmons

Check out the following video of Tom Simmons gassing on about traditional norms in marriage. Then compare it with his conduct; it is a lie on so many levels. Is this someone from whom you want to get pastoral counseling? Let’s hope not. But the Episcopal Church thinks he’s fine, even as he allegedly abuses his own children… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Diocese of Virginia Again Violates Church Canons; The Rev. Dr. Tom Simmons Busted for Adultery

You know things have gotten bad when the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia tacitly approves of adultery. And so it is with allegations that The Rev. Dr. Tom Simmons, rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal in Purcellville, himself married to Tait North Simmons (daughter of Iran-Contra figure Ollie North), has committed adultery with the wife of Tom K. a member of Warrenton Presbyterian. Below, we… Read More »

Don’t Holler. Boycott Wahler!

For those of you who don’t like Montvale contractor Joseph Wahler’s sexist, homophobic and violent remarks, here’s your chance to deploy a little of that cancel culture he decries in his posts about St. Paul’s Episcopal priest Jill Williams. Wahler’s on Facebook here, and we have a logo to use as we transition work towards more ethical contractors.… Read More »

Montvale Update: Mennonites Say “No Mas” to the Dissidents

Last night, representatives of the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (LMPC) met with the St. Paul’s Montvale dissidents. Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that LMPC has recommended against further efforts at reconciliation with the dissidents due to their behavior and objectives, both of which are contrary to a negotiated settlement. Anglican Watch believes that is an appropriate outcome given the… Read More »