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Liberty University hit with record-breaking fine over reporting crime on campus

Liberty University covers up crime

The days when churches and religious schools can hide behind veils of silence are fast coming to a close. That’s the message behind a record $14 million federal fine the school agreed to pay, following October findings that it failed to comply with federal campus safety reporting requirements. Among the omissions are multiple allegations of sexual assaults,

The fine, imposed under the Clery Act, requires schools that receive federal funding to report crimes on campus, support victims, and report data on campus safety.

The news, which comes from multiple sources within the Department of Education, reflects a significant increase from the previous record fine, which was levied against Michigan State over the Larry Nasser abuse allegations for $4.5 million.

Liberty has long presented itself as having one of the safest campuses in the country, even as the Department of Education found a campus culture that actively discouraged victims from coming forward, while engaging in cover-up and making false statements about campus crime.

Anglican Watch notes that Liberty is far from unique in its culture. Indeed, the Episcopal Church commonly retaliates against victims of abuse who come forward while diminishing, obfuscating, and minimizing non-sexual abuse.

We applaud the Department of Education for taking the lead on behavior that should be normative for any Christian organization, which includes transparency, accountability, and urgency when facing allegations of abuse.

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  1. How could this be?!!! Another religious institution protecting its own over victims? Maybe safest just means fewest crimes reported.

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