Troubled Bishop Search Underscores Dire Problems in DioVA

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, one of the original dioceses of the Episcopal Church, is the largest domestic diocese in the denomination. As such, its fate is inextricably linked with that of the larger church and serves as a bellwether for the future. And the recent bishop search and the challenges the diocese experienced suggest a grim future… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Anglican Priest Chris Byrd

The Anglican Church of Australia has suspended Fr. Chris Byrd following allegations that he bullied, intimidated, and threatened church members and employees. Byrd previously served at the Anglican Church in Adamstown, Australia. The decision was made by the Anglican Church Professional Standards Board and requires Byrd to reform within 6 months or face permanent removal as a priest. Among… Read More »

Thank you!

As some of you noticed, we recently transitioned to a new, more powerful, server. That was due both to increased site traffic and the sheer volume of data on the site. Like most things IT, the transition came with a few hiccups. These included error messages as our new DNS propagated, some delays in loading, and more. We… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Anglican Priest Alan Sapsford

In 2002, allegations emerged that Alan Sapsford, an Anglican priest in Australia, had sexually assaulted women and at least 30 altar boys at a parish in Seymour, north of Melbourne. He had served the parish for 30 years prior to his retirement in 1996. A candidate for ordination complained to the church about being sexually abused by Sapsford, who… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Anglican Priest David Valencia

David Valencia, originally from Chile, was arrested in 2003 for sexually abusing a teenaged girl he had been counseling while serving as assistant rector of the non-denominational Christ Church of Grove Farm, Pa. Valencia’s ordination was controversial, as Episcopal Bishop Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh had refused on the basis that Valencia was no longer an Episcopalian.… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Anglican Priest The Rev. Robin Everett

In July 2003, Robin Everett, former vicar of St Edward King and Martyr Church in Castle Donington, Leicestershire UK, was sentenced to five years in jail for sexually abusing two girls 20 years earlier. Some of the abuse occurred in the church’s vestry. During sentencing, the judge said: “It was a gross abuse of trust as a parish… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Major Anglican Abuse Scandal in Australia

In 2003, South Australian police announced a major investigation into child sexual abuse within the Anglican Church. At least 217 victims were identified, and 48 potential offenders. Nine offenders were ultimately arrested, although a number of victims and potential perpetrators already had died. Two of the offenders were prior clergy. On June 11, 2004, Archbishop Ian George resigned… Read More »

Breaking News: St. Pauls Montvale Update

Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that the court hearing on criminal charges involving Jeff Piatt and other former St. Paul’s Montvale members has been continued until September 28. The charges filed allegedly include defiant trespass. Anglican Watch believes that the news may indicate that the defendants are planning to file pleadings in the matter. However, as Jeff Piatt… Read More »

Another Lame Lambeth Points to a New Future for Anglicanism

True to form, the recent Lambeth Conference again brought to the fore conflicts over same-sex marriage and human sexuality. The fault lines were as expected, with the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA), pressing hard to force other provinces to ban same-sex marriage, while progressive provinces artfully pushed for an agreement to disagree. And the result was… Read More »