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Was Aaron Solomon running a prostitution ring from WSMV?

Was Lee Lynch involved in the death of Grant Solomon?

Sometimes, it’s best not to sue people for defamation, even if you contend that what they say isn’t true. If nothing else, the issues are then forever documented in the public record–which is how Anglican Watch learned of allegations that Aaron, AKA Weasel Lips, may be engaged in human trafficking.

Even worse for Aaron, the more we dig, the more convinced we are that he was and is in human trafficking. This corruption, we believe, and Aaron’s ability to name names is why Aaron thus far has been shielded from meaningful criminal investigation related to the death of Grant Solomon.

We also believe that several persons in Aaron’s immediate circle were involved in Grant’s death.


In 2021 Aaron Solomon sued his ex-wife, Angie, her friend Melanie Hicks, and numerous others for defamation, civil conspiracy, and related claims. 

The defendants countered with a motion under the state’s anti-SLAPP statute, which protects against civil claims when the conversation is in the public interest.

In other words, because the public has the right to know what happened to Grant, Aaron can’t use the court system to shut down the conversation.

Aaron nonsuited, one step ahead of getting smacked into the next state with fees, and refiled in federal court. 

He lost.

Now, the court records and related coverage are available to anyone with Internet access. Nice move, Weasel Lips.

Digging in

As Anglican Watch has dug deeper, we’ve uncovered more details. Details include:

  • Allegations include claims that Aaron was running a prostitution scheme from the news desk at WSMV.
  • He allegedly was fired from WSMV over this issue.
  • We have identified a woman we believe was acting as a procurer of women for Aaron. Initially, it appears she was a prostitute for Aaron. Later, she expanded her role. True crime fans, have at it. We’d love it if you could confirm our findings.
  • It seems corporate America is aware of the concerns about Aaron’s conduct. For example, Merrill Lynch artfully claims that the Nashville office where Aaron worked is “permanently closed,” but insiders tell us Aaron is still with the company. Really.

A quick trip to Uglyland, with stops in Weirdville

So, let’s take a quick trip into Uglyland and see how all this ties together.

Nashville residents may recall that WSMV anchor Holly Thompson posted to Facebook about Aaron Solomon’s purported decision to leave the station. In it, Thompson claims that Aaron decided to depart WSMV in light of coming changes and planned to focus on running a business with Angie.

The post is weird, as Thompson made it after Aaron had not been on the show for several days. Administrative leave on the way out the door, anyone?

As to the claim of wanting to focus on business, that’s rich. Aaron craves attention, and it would take a crowbar or allegations of criminal conduct to pry Aaron loose from in front of a TV camera. Or both.

We don’t believe Thompson for an instant. And we have heard numerous claims to suggest that the real issue Aaron left WSMV was his ties to human trafficking.

Flash forward, and Thompson posted to Facebook about Grant’s death. 

But Thompson’s proximity to Grant’s death involves much more than being former colleagues.

We see the connection when, of all things, we look at the whereabouts of Grant’s cell phone the day he died.

Recall: Grant’s mobile was on the ground near him, along with his baseball cap and goggles. It was not at the point of impact, which is where we would expect had Grant’s death been an accident.

That said, we know that the screen was intact in the minutes following the incident.

Later, the mobile phone vanished

Using the Life360 app she shared with Grant, his girlfriend Hannah saw that the cell phone was moving around, eventually stopping at Holly Thompson’s home.

When Hannah said something about calling the police, Aaron quickly told her not to do that. He showed up soon after, Grant’s cell phone in hand, but with the screen now broken.

So, how did Aaron know where to find the phone? And why was the screen broken? And how did it show up at the home of a former coworker?

But there’s more.

Aaron lied as he stood over his son’s open casket at Grant’s funeral. He lied about how they played baseball together. He lied about his purported Christian faith.

And he lied about Grant’s cell phone

Aaron told people that a good Samaritan found the phone, came to Jesus because of finding it, and even charged it overnight.

But Life360 told a different story: Grant was the last person to charge his cell phone. Not an imaginary good Samaritan. Not Holly Thompson, not her husband, Lee Lynch. 

And no one came to Jesus, thanks to finding Grant’s cell phone. No one.

Now, another wrinkle: Holly Thompson’s husband, Lee Lynch, owns a Gallatin-based business, Northstar Environmental Group, Inc. He also owns a gun shop, The Gun Crew LLC, and is associated with Intex Contracting.

Our research suggests that Northstar had a white box truck on the road the morning Grant died–which comports with Aaron’s claim that one was on the scene. 

The truck mysteriously vanished before police arrived. Did it drive the 5.4 miles down Route 109 to Northstar’s offices? 

We’ve also received unconfirmed tips that Northstar rented space nearby. Could it have been at one of the next-door storage units? 

Then we get to the female voice heard on the 911 calls. Was Holly Thompson at the scene? We don’t know, but now is an excellent time for law enforcement to pull Holly Thompson’s GPS data, that of her husband, Lee Lynch, and anyone associated with them.

Nor has Holly Thompson answered questions about the strange connection between her husband and Grant’s death. And by the way, Lee Lynch is Aaron’s best friend.

Neither do we have an explanation for Aaron’s weird lies at Grant’s funeral.

There’s also Aaron’s insistence, out of the blue, that Grant meet him at Ward Performance Institute (WPI) that morning. Not later in the day, as Grant had hoped for. First thing in the morning. Despite not having an appointment.

And why did Aaron not go closer to home for batting practice? There were several possibilities, all closer to home than WPI.

Bottom line, if it doesn’t pass the sniff test, there’s a reason. There are simply too many things that don’t make sense in the connection between Aaron Solomon, Holly Thompson, Lee Lynch, and the death of Grant Solomon.

We also note that Holly Thompson is a mother, with two boys. The fact she doesn’t have the courage to put her foot down and answer questions is disturbing.

Again, why did Holly Thompson and her husband have Grant’s belongings in their possession after his death? And spare us the explanations involving what you think of Angie—Aaron’s lies at Grant’s funeral tell us everything we need to know.

Were Lee Lynch and Holly Thompson involved in Grant’s death?

Is any of this direct evidence that Lee Lynch or Holly Thompson were involved in Grant Solomon’s death? Or Aaron Solomon’s alleged human trafficking?

No. But if we were law enforcement and wanted to understand these allegations, we’d start with a deep dive around Lee Lynch, Holly Thompson, and WSMV. 

From there, we believe investigators will find out exactly what happened and the connections between Gracie’s alleged abuse and the death of her brother, Grant. We also think that they would quickly find that Aaron is engaged in human trafficking.

If nothing else, Aaron’s lies and the circumstances around them are too weird not to investigate.

Finally, Anglican Watch believes we must finish what Grant started: protecting his sister and mother from a genuinely evil person, Aaron Solomon.

Check out the screen caps from IG below:

Lee Lynch
Lee Lynch





























Lee Lynch
Lee Lynch


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