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More on Mike, apologies for being swamped, and a heartfelt thank you

Mike napping

Hi everyone. It’s Eric, the editor, and I wanted to update you on things at home, even as I apologize for being swamped right now.

As you may know, my husband Mike had a heart transplant in late November. He’s had a series of setbacks, including end-stage renal failure and a recent case of severe sepsis.

As a result, he remains in the hospital.

Sepsis is scary, with a survival rate of only about 50 percent. But Mike managed to pull through, thanks to his determination and an excellent medical team.

We’re hoping to head home in the next month or so, even as Mike struggles to re-learn things we take for granted, like eating, walking, bathing, and clothing ourselves.

When we do head home, it will be the first time we’ve been home together since a brief stint in July.

It will also mean a massive amount of work for me, sleepless nights, hourly vital signs, and 24/7 health care. That’s in addition to dialysis, daily visits to outpatient rehab, regular labwork, follow-ups, and more.

So, life is very hectic right now as I scramble to get my ducks in a row.

Indeed, we are doing a significant renovation to our home to improve accessibility, maximize Mike’s ability to function independently and ensure his comfort and safety.

As a result of all of this, I’m also very far behind on several stories, and I owe about a dozen people return phone calls, emails, and more.

Meanwhile, our all-volunteer team has a lot going on right now in their personal lives, so there’s no one to pick up the slack.

My deepest apologies to everyone who’s owed a return call, a story, or answers to questions. Please know I am pushing hard to catch up and hope to do so by early next week.

Finally, and most importantly, a heartfelt thank you for the kind comments, prayers, love and support.



  1. I am sending you both positive thoughts. I cannot imagine that this is at all easy. May your love and care for one another continue to be a blessing during this time. Everything unnecessary can wait, so my prayer is that you receive the strength you need in each moment.

  2. Hang tough. I will continue to pray for you both and your team. Thank you for what you are doing for Mike.

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