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Was Tenth Presbyterian’s Liam Goligher arrested for having sex in a Lancaster park?

Liam Goligher, liar

In the course of our ongoing investigation into Tenth Presbyterian’s Liam Goligher, Anglican Watch came across some curious information that may pertain to his personal conduct. Public records reveal an arrest and guilty plea for a violation of Lancaster City Code section 98-19.B for a person matching Goligher’s information. The section proscribes

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Update: St. Paul’s Dayton lurches towards closure, thanks to Dan McClain and a lack of leadership

Episcopal priest Daniel McClain

Yesterday, Anglican Watch referenced the financial catastrophe facing St. Paul’s, Dayton. Today’s post further explores the meltdown. To be clear, St. Paul’s has long been a hot mess. Problems began in 1920, with the founding of the church as a mission of Christ Church, Dayton.  Scarred by the great flood of 1913, wealthy

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Adulterous Episcopal priest Anne Turner admits to extramarital affair, shows her true colors as she threatens bloggers and lies

Anne Turner, adulterer and liar

Anne Turner, the former rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Va., who recently resigned after details of her extramarital affair came to light, has shown her true colors. In a complaint directed at a web hosting company that Turner believes hosts, Turner told a series of fabrications in

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Sources tell AW that Sam Johnson’s lawsuit against Kathy Griffin may be fraudulent

Is Sam Johnson defrauding the courts?

Multiple sources tell Anglican Watch that Sam Johnson’s lawsuit against comedian Kathy Griffin may be fraudulent. Specifically, while Johnson claims Griffin’s posting video of Johnson harassing a young same-sex couple cost him his job as CEO of Visuwell, sources report that Johnson remains engaged with the company. To be clear, Anglican Watch has been unable to

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Olivia McCarthy reported to law enforcement for making terroristic threats against Angie/Gracie Solomon and Anglican Watch

Olivia McCarthy makes terroristic threats against us

Legal warning: Any further communication from Olivia McCarthy or anyone acting on her behalf will be charged with criminal harassment. Same for Olivia’s various pseudonyms. Olivia McCarthy has always been a bit out there, with her alleged claims to communicate with the dead and other weirdness. But now, she’s making

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Lies, threats, profanity and toxic behavior from Crista Stewart, Olivia McCarthy, Laura Sarratt, Constance Brown, and the other Bergerites in exile

Olivia McCarthy shows us true Christianity

Proof we were right all along comes from these ugly text messages from folks with their own agendas in #justiceforgrant. If idiots like these folks think Anglican Watch is taking down content they don’t like, they’d better start writing those books, doing those interviews, making those moves, and publishing those

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GCA’s Patti Tremblay evinces possible guilt in her conduct after Grant’s death

Patti Tremblay

Some time ago, Anglican Watch covered the role of Grace Christian Academy (GCA)/Grace Chapel employee Patti Tremblay in the events prior to Grant Solomon’s death.  Today’s post examines Tremblay’s strange conduct in the days following Grant’s death and explores the possible reasons for her conduct. For starters, let’s look at how most of us

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BREAKING: Shocking allegations emerge that Amy Curle and other GCA officials covered up multiple instances of rape and child abuse, as former students discuss possible class action lawsuit

Grace Christian Academy faces possible class action lawsuit

Anglican Watch has uncovered evidence that helps us understand the context for Amy Curle’s abusive behavior towards former Grace Christian Academy (GCA) student George Brewer. Curle serves as the school’s head of counseling. Specifically, Anglican Watch has documented that Curle engaged in a pattern and practice of ignoring allegations of child abuse. This

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New recordings reveal additional GCA corruption, while investigation reveals school criminally defrauded parents

Grace Christian Academy: Pedophiles Welcome

Yesterday, we promised Anglican Watch readers we’d provide never-before-heard secret recordings of misconduct and corruption at Grace Christian Academy (GCA).  The first such recording is above. Anglican Watch’s ongoing investigation also reveals numerous additional issues at GCA, including at least once instance in which the school criminally defrauded parents who donated to

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Washington National Cathedral backs away from sneak-selling tickets to Christmas worship

Washington National Cathedral and Randy Hollerith again poke their tails into the laundry wringer

It’s Advent, so in true surly Anglican Watch fashion, we’re calling BS on the Washington National Cathedral for its policy on” free” worship services this Christmastide. To be clear, we ardently support efforts by the church to promote financial stability. Far too many Episcopal churches, schools, dioceses, and other entities act like Episcopalians of

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