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More on the Susan Elzey/Liam Goligher debacle

Liam Goligher, liar and adulterer

As Liam Goligher and Susan Elzey make the rounds with their various fabrications about their rendezvous in Lancaster and how it was (pick one):

  • A set-up.
  • A picnic.
  • A consolation session after Elzey’s son purportedly got in trouble with the law.
  • Something other than a sexual encounter (like maybe an overly loud hymn sing).

But with all of these fabrications, there’s one inconvenient factor: The original citations expressly reference sex.

As for claims of a set-up, exhaustive research reveals no evidence they ever filed a complaint about official misconduct.

In other words, we’re prepared to go on the record and say that, assuming they indeed are spouting these fabrications, Goligher and Elzey are lying POSs.

Indeed, we feel no empathy for either of them. We do feel tremendous empathy for those hurt by Tenth, and for Elzey’s husband, who is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. (Hint: One of our staff grew up in Haddon Heights.) In fact, he’s so nice, he may actually believe her claims of a set-up.

As for Goligher, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and beholden to the Father of Lies. As for Elzey, her lies about Phil Snyder — which she even tried with our staff — speak volumes as to the sort of person she is and her real ethics. The Mean Girls antics went out in seventh grade Susan — sorry you didn’t get the memo.

Which is a nice way of saying you sound suspiciously like a psychopath. As for allegedly cheating on your husband, if you can’t even keep your marriage vows, what good are you?

Or, as folks at said of folks at Grace Episcopal Alexandria, these people seem sane to themselves, but to outsiders looking on they seem childish and hateful.

Check out the express references to sexual activity in the citations below.



  1. This is a pretty definitive post. Have you forwarded it to the 10th church session and the Presbytery? You should also send it to the Adm Comm of the PCA:
    I hope you won’t mind my suggesting this, but sending it to local PA newspapers and other news sources might put some pressure on the pharisees .
    (I’m afraid all this reinforces my view that the modern church is antichristian!)
    Thanks for the good work.
    Bob Emery

  2. This is pretty definitive evidence. I hope you’re sending it to the 10th session and the Presbytery, plus local news media (nothing like local newspersons to make corrupt clergy to act!). I’m afraid it reinforces my view of modern churches as antichristian!
    Thanks for the good work.

  3. Good work, Anglican Watch! I’m publishing a post about this at my blog My post will go live at 8:15am Chicago time 29 Jan 2024.

    My post will show the police tickets and discuss them. It will also include a photo of Goligher and Elzey at a cafe table in Haddonfield. The photo was originally shared on SnapChat in Dec 2014 — a few months after they were engaging in illicit sexual activity.

    One small point. The police tickets say they were engaging in sexual activity a little before 3pm in the back seat area of Pavilion No. 21 Area, an area which is heavily used for recreation during the day. Your headline on the Issu page where you’ve loaded the police tickets says they were having sex in the back seat of Elzey’s SUV —you might want to fix that.
    Cheers — Barb Roberts

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