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UK-based Daily Mail covers death of Grant Solomon, opens door to investigation of additional allegations involving Aaron Solomon

Grant Solomon

In the ongoing battle to obtain justice for the late Grant Solomon, every voice counts. That’s why Anglican Watch is delighted to report that the Daily Mail, one of two leading mid-market publications in the United Kingdom, today covered Grant’s mysterious death. As of press time, the article was the leading piece of the day for the publication.

Among the points raised by the Daily Mail is the need to reopen the case. As we have previously reported, Solomon was not dragged to his death by his truck, as reported by his father, Aaron Solomon.

Aaron was the only person known to be on the scene at the time of Grant’s fatal injuries.

An exhaustive review by Anglican Watch of the evidence, including medical records, telemetry from Grant’s truck, photos, and other data, made clear that Aaron’s account is not credible.

In addition, Aaron’s call to 911 to report the incident contains multiple inaccuracies and what we believe are indicia of dishonesty.

We also note that Grant’s mobile phone, which was intact at the time of his death, mysteriously left the scene of Grant’s death, traveled about the area, and was returned to Grant’s mother, Angie, by Aaron.

Aaron returned the phone with a broken screen and did not explain the damage to the phone.

At Grant’s funeral, Aaron lied about the phone, saying a third party found it and became a Christian as a result. Aaron also claims this person charged the phone.

All of these claims are false, and the phone was in the possession of a friend of Aaron’s, who kept it at his home.

We will not belabor the other inconsistencies in Aaron’s depiction of the events surrounding Grant’s death but note that there are countless implausible or facially false aspects of Aaron’s statements.

Anglican Watch urges readers to ask Tennessee and Federal officials to reopen the case, which even the state admits was a homicide.

Moreover, state officials claim they cannot do so due to a lack of evidence, but that is circular reasoning.

The whole issue is that officials did not conduct an investigation and thus garnered no evidence that would allow law enforcement to determine the circumstances of Grant’s death.

Anglican Watch supports, without hesitation or equivocation, Grant’s mother and sister in their efforts to find justice for Grant. We demand that Tennessee officials end the corruption, conduct an autopsy of Grant’s remains, and examine all the evidence in the case, including cell tower information, telemetry from Grant’s truck, and the facially false statements made by Aaron Solomon.

In addition, we note that there is credible evidence of tax fraud, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other criminal conduct by Aaron Solomon. 

We demand that Tennessee officials conduct a thorough investigation of these issues and, if warranted, present the evidence to a grand jury.

To help, contact Tennessee attorney general Jonathan Skrmetti:

Office of the Attorney General and Reporter
P.O. Box 20207
Nashville, TN 37202-0207
Telephone: (615) 741-3491
Fax: (615) 741-2009

Skrmetti is on X @AGTennessee.

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