St. Andrew’s on Martha’s Vineyard Welcomes Immigrants, Needs Cash

U.S. national media are reporting that conservative Florida governor Ron DeSantis flew two planeloads of Venezuelan immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in a publicity stunt. The move, which was not announced ahead of time, resulted in a scramble to care for these individuals. Among those helping are St. Andrew’s Episcopal, which can be found online at The church… Read More »

St. Paul’s Episcopal Alexandria Continues to Welcome Alleged Torturers

On July 1, Anglican Watch broke the news that a prominent Episcopal family, the Ayres, appear to be at the heart of the “enhanced interrogation” program that was a key component of the post 9-11 “War on Terror.” Shortly after the news broke, the Ayres were no longer seen attending services at their church, St. Paul’s, in Old Town Alexandria,… Read More »

Montvale Dissident Gene Muller Seeks to Stop Financial Investigations

Anglican Watch has learned from well-placed sources that a member of the dissident faction has put out feelers to members of St. Paul’s parish in Montvale, N.J., seeking an end to the ongoing investigation into past financial activity at the parish. Gene Muller, a previous member of the church and former vestry member, allegedly has contacted current church members… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Priest Daniel McClain Suspension Overturned

According to local media reports, the suspension of Episcopal priest the Rev. Daniel McClain has been reversed by a church disciplinary panel. McClain previously was suspended by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio after allegations emerged in divorce proceedings that he abused his wife. The reversal was implemented by a Title IV disciplinary conference panel, which is an… Read More »

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Church of England.

Breaking News: Stephen McWhorter Officiating in NVA Sept. 11, 2022

Reliable sources have told Anglican Watch that the Rev. Stephen McWhorter, formerly rector of St. David’s Episcopal in Ashburn VA, will be officiating there at Sunday worship on 9/11. McWhorter faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment, including one involving an adult female church employee, and one involving a male individual under the age of consent. Both the Dioceses of Virginia… Read More »

Tragic News: Murdered Memphis Runner Taught at St. Mary’s Episcopal

CNN and other news sources report that the Memphis runner who was abducted and murdered was a much-loved teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. Thirty-four year old Eliza Fletcher, a mother of two and avid runner, was abducted at approximately 4:00 a.m. Friday, September 2, 2022 near the University of Memphis. The incident was captured on surveillance video.… Read More »

Further Reflections on Russell Miller’s “Hetero-Phobia” Lawsuit

Following our post yesterday about Russell Miller’s spurious lawsuit against St. Paul’s Montvale, the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, and various related individuals, Anglican Watch further investigated Miller’s claims. Following is additional context for Miller’s lawsuit. We also reflect on Miller’s claims and his conduct. Specifically, we believe Miller to be disingenuous, dishonest, and manipulative — to put it kindly. As… Read More »

Episcopal Church Officials in Haiti Arrested for Arms Smuggling

Local newspapers report that two officials in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti have been arrested for allegedly using church funds and aid shipments to bring weapons into the country. The news follows the interception by Haitian customs officials of four containers destined for the diocese containing 18 Russian AK-47 rifles, an M4 carbine and an Israeli Galil assault rifle,… Read More »