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Exclusive: Concerned citizens file police complaint against Grace Christian Academy over school’s failure to report child abuse


Earlier this week, we reported on efforts by Tennessee residents to have law enforcement investigate Grace Christian Academy (GCA), headmaster Robbie Mason, and guidance counselor Amy Curle for their failure to report allegations of child abuse involving Grant and Gracie Solomon. With this post, Anglican Watch provides the complete complaint and supporting documentation. Names of affiants and other identifying information has been redacted for the protection of those involved.

Among the allegations:

  • GCA received multiple reports that both Solomon children were being physically and emotionally abused, and that Gracie was being sexually abused.
  • Grant Solomon died in suspicious circumstances, in the custody of his father, soon after stating his intent to go public with allegations that his father was abusing Gracie.
  • Aaron Solomon was diagnosed as a sex addict and psychopath.
  • Aaron Solomon used prostitutes.
  • Grant Solomon discovered sex toys in his father’s belongings.
  • Aaron Solomon failed to provide adequate medical care and food to the children.
  • Amy Curle was instructed by a court to fulfill her obligations as a mandated reporter of child abuse but failed to do so.
  • Robbie Mason and GCA ignored a protective order barring Aaron Solomon from campus, thus potentially endangering parents and students.
  • Grant Solomon repeatedly told teachers and friends that he was terrified of his father, that he saw his father attempt to kill his mother, and that he knew his sister was being sexually assaulted by their father.
  • Aaron Solomon repeatedly engaged in inappropriate behavior with Gracie, including fondling her hair, sleeping in the same bed with her, sexually assaulting her, and sniffing her underwear.
  • Len McKnatt, one of Grant’s coaches, knew of the allegations of abuse.
  • Amy Curle, Robbie Mason, and other GCA personnel conspired to cover up Aaron Solomon’s abuse of his children.
  • GCA administrators and staff repeatedly engaged in tortious defamation by telling others that Grant and Gracie’s mother was mentally ill, a drug users, and other outrageous fabrications. Moreover, such claims undoubtedly increased Grant and Gracie’s trauma.

There also is other disturbing information in the filing, including allegations that GCA made up rules on the fly for responding to an active shooter.

For example, one affiant states that teachers were told to rejoin their classes to comfort children in the event they were separated during an emergency. This runs counter to the advice of law enforcement professionals, and offers an alarming insight into a potentially dangerous lack of professionalism among school staff.

The complaint has been filed with both local, state, and other law enforcement agencies.

Anyone with additional information related to this case is encouraged to contact local law enforcement. Additionally, Anglican Watch is offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Grant Solomon’s killer(s).

Anglican Watch will continue to provide updates on this situation.


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