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The death of Grant Solomon: setting the record straight

Justice for Grant Solomon

On July 20, 2020, Tennessee high school student Grant Solomon died mysteriously in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Grant was poised to become a senior in high school and was a beloved son, brother, student, friend, and athlete. He was bright, funny, loyal, honest, and insightful.

Unusually, when he died Grant was alone with his father, Aaron, whom he planned to take to court over allegations that Aaron had abused Grant’s sister, Gracie.

Since Grant’s passing, the indifferent response of local and Tennessee state officials and the resulting media firestorm have resulted in some crazy content flying around the web.

This post sets the record straight and addresses inaccuracies and various questions about Grant’s death, roughly in descending order of importance. Or at least what we think is essential for readers to know.

Anglican Watch is biased

Thank you for noticing.

We don’t claim to be unbiased. Instead, we come down squarely and unequivocally on Grant and Gracie’s sides and their mother, Angie. And we’re proud to do so.

The police conducted a full investigation. Grant’s death was an accident.

No to both.

The Gallatin Police Department is lying when it says it conducted an investigation. Specifically, the police department did not:

  • Reconstruct the alleged accident
  • Identify or interview potential witnesses
  • Conduct toxicological testing
  • Examine the black box in Grant’s truck
  • Meet dozens of other requirements for even a rudimentary investigation.

In other words, don’t poop in a bucket and call it an investigation.

As to Grant’s death, it simply is not possible, as claimed by Grant’s father, Aaron, that Grant was dragged roughly sixty feet down a paved parking lot, yet suffered no scrapes and bruises.

So, Anglican Watch is calling BS on those who say otherwise, including the Gallatin Police Department, Aaron Solomon, and anyone else you might care to name.

There’s no proof that Aaron sexually assaulted Gracie


Tennessee state officials substantiated Grant, Gracie, and Angie’s claims that Aaron sexually assaulted his daughter.

Children rarely lie about these issues, and neither Grant nor Gracie is anyone’s fool. Gracie also knew all too well the price she’d pay for coming forward with her allegations; the price has been steep and wide-ranging, from classmates gossiping about her to dolts at Grace Chapel urging church members to pray the Imprecatory Psalms against her.

Yes, really.

We also believe Angie. Not only does the evidence support her claims, but how many witnesses do we need before we call a spade a spade?

We also remind readers that the court-appointed guardian ad litem (GAL) for Grant and Gracie, herself an attorney, raised in writing to the courts the very concerns that we raise, only to be ignored.

Here’s what the GAL wrote:

Now, there’s an 18 year old that’s dead, with no investigation into his death, the only witness is Aaron and the reports of the incident are incomplete at best. Please investigate these incidents, so that Angie and Gracie may have some protection and possibly even some peace in their lives and so that no other person will be able to use the system the way Aaron has been able to.

You have no proof Tennessee officials are corrupt

The response by state officials to Grant Solomon’s death and related issues is itself an example of corruption.

Systemic corruption includes situations in which there is a lack of accountability. This impunity of persons and systems is a violation of human rights.

Here’s what the United Nations has to say on the issue of impunity:

the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.

Impunity arises from a failure by States to meet their obligations to investigate violations; to take appropriate measures in respect of the perpetrators, particularly in the area of justice, by ensuring that those suspected of criminal responsibility are prosecuted, tried and duly punished; to provide victims with effective remedies and to ensure that they receive reparation for the injuries suffered; to ensure the inalienable right to know the truth about violations; and to take other necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of violations.

In other words, anyone who wants proof of corruption in Tennessee only needs to look at the death of Grant Solomon to see systemic corruption at the municipal, state, and national levels.

State officials have said there is no evidence they can use to investigate Grant’s death. So why do you insist on an investigation?

The statement by state officials proves our point.

Look at it this way: If someone’s house burns down, and there’s no apparent reason for the fire, should officials take a pass on the basis that all the evidence was destroyed in the fire?

Of course not.

So, with Gallatin and other law enforcement not asking for an autopsy, not conducting DNA testing, not identifying witnesses, not examining the black box in Grant’s truck, and not explaining how Grant purportedly got dragged to his death without any scuffs, scrapes, or blood on the pavement, we demand that law enforcement begin an investigation by conducting an autopsy on Grant’s remains, then identifying, collecting, and evaluating all possible evidence.

Additionally, local officials are not going to brush us off with empty assertions of “nothing to see here, move along.”

Good government is transparent government, and so far, we have had zero transparency or accountability pertaining to Grant’s death.

But didn’t local district attorney Ray Whitley say that Grant’s death was an accident and he would not reopen the investigation?

We’ve already made clear that there was no investigation into the death of Grant Solomon.

As to the rest, if you believe Whitley, you probably still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Why is Anglican Watch offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Grant’s killer(s)?

Our research strongly suggests that there are additional persons with information about Grant’s death. While we hope that these individuals would come forward because it’s the right thing to do, we want to do everything in our power to encourage witnesses to come forward.

How can we send you information about Grant Solomon’s death?

Use our contact form or email We will forward your information as needed and will provide anonymity if requested. Our email servers are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties, even via subpoena.

Sources are welcome to contact us anonymously, but obviously we cannot pay a reward if we don’t know who to send it to.

We cannot trust what Angie Solomon says. After all, didn’t Judge Deanna Johnson rule that Angie could not follow additional lawsuits against Aaron?

Anglican Watch wants to be crystal clear: We categorically reject Deanna Johnson’s conclusions and other court rulings in favor of Aaron Solomon. Similarly, we reject the related judicial findings of fact against Angie and believe they are prime indicia of corruption within the Tennessee legal system.

We intend to provide more detailed coverage of these issues.

For now, we are going on the record: Judge Deanna Johnson is corrupt and abusive. Ditto for the late Judge Phillip Smith.

Moreover, references by the judges above to Angie as “that crazy woman” and other demeaning and inappropriate comments are examples of the worst aspects of domestic relations courts.

In other words, ethically speaking, Deanna Johnson is scum. And we will hold her accountable in every way legally possible.

Similarly, Phillip Smith is about as low as they come. While he’s beyond the reach of mortal judgment, we have little doubt that someone who behaves as he did faces eternal implications, even though we don’t believe in a literal hell.

Are you suggesting someone murdered Grant Solomon?

We are not suggesting someone murdered Grant Solomon.

We are expressly saying that Grant is the victim of murder.

Are you saying Aaron Solomon murdered Grant?

We are not stating that Aaron murdered his son.

But to be clear, we believe that to be the case, and our professional assessment is that Aaron is the likely perpetrator. Nor do we believe the evidence supports any other conclusion.

Is there any evidence that Grant’s pickup truck dragged him to his death?


Grace Christian Academy acted appropriately on allegations that Aaron Solomon was abusing Grant and Gracie

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tennessee is a mandated reporting state. Everyone is a mandated reporter, and there’s no exception for persons like Amy Blaylock Curle, the unethical head of counseling at Grace Christian Academy (GCA), who asserts nonsense like “you don’t have all the details.”

Indeed, Curle’s claims can mean one of only three things:

  1. Curle is a liar.
  2. Curle is incompetent.
  3. All of the above.

And we already know that Curle is ethically bankrupt, given her criminal charges against Justice for Grant volunteer George Brewer, a former student. Brewer, heaven forbid, objected to Curle’s corruption. Horrible, just horrible.

That begs the question: What kind of jackrabbit, Christian, or guidance counselor goes after a former student?

Not one that we’d want around.

But the percolating sleaze factor goes far beyond scumbag Amy Curle.

Indeed, recordings make clear that Curle and other school officials conspired to suppress Grant and Gracie’s complaints, all in the name of purportedly protecting Gracie’s reputation.

Even worse, GCA allowed Aaron Solomon on campus despite a court-issued restraining order prohibiting him from coming on campus. And even though the restraining order ultimately was altered to permit Aaron to go on campus, common sense would suggest that Aaron, a substantiated pedophile and child molester, should never be allowed on campus.

To this day, GCA allows Aaron on campus. Thus, we encourage parents to avoid both the school and Grace Chapel, since the organizations share a campus and have identical ethical issues.

The recordings of Amy Curle and other GCA officials talking about covering up Aaron’s abuse are fake


While school officials have told this lie repeatedly, few except for nation-states or highly sophisticated organizations would be able to fake a recording of this nature. Nor would they have access to the details included in the recordings. Claims to the contrary are dishonest and disingenuous and make clear that GCA is toxic.

GCA had an obligation to turn over Gracie to her father

Once Aaron obtained legal custody of Grant and Gracie, it is true that GCA was legally obligated to turn Gracie over to Aaron.

But Aaron got custody in no small measure because of GCA’s cover-up of Aaron’s behavior and the school’s refusal to fulfill its obligation as a mandated reporter.

And while Christians love to argue that God’s law is higher than the laws of man, GCA conveniently doesn’t take that approach to this issue.

Look at it this way: If GCA officials knew a parent was planning to kill their child, would the school turn over the child? We hope not.

But GCA officials well knew about the allegations that Aaron sexually assaulted his daughter and willingly sat silent.

GCA sent a staff member with Angie to report the allegations about Aaron


The person who went with Angie was a member of Grace Chapel, but went as a friend of Angie’s. Nether the church nor the school ever reported Aaron’s behavior.

Pastor Steve Berger says that Grant came to see him to discuss how to get closer to Jesus. Are you calling Berger a liar?

Yes, we are calling Berger a liar. And that’s one of his more positive attributes.

Grant met with Berger approximately four weeks before his death. Soon after the meeting between Grant and Berger, Grant told several people about the specifics of the meeting.

Grant expressly stated that he met with Berger to ask for his help in putting an end to Aaron’s abuse of his sister, Gracie.

Moreover, Patti Renee Tremblay, Berger’s assistant, set up the meeting.

What really happened at the meeting?

We believe the meeting happened precisely as Grant described it. We also believe that soon after, Berger contacted his buddy, Aaron, to give him a heads-up about Grant’s allegations.

From there, readers can draw their own conclusions.

Tellingly, multiple witnesses tell Anglican Watch that nothing happened at GCA or Grace Chapel without Berger’s knowledge and consent. Thus, in light of efforts by GCA to shut down allegations that Aaron was abusing Grant and Gracie, it’s unlikely that Berger didn’t know about the issue, even if he had never met with Grant.

Yet at Grant’s funeral, Berger greeted Aaron as his “buddy.”

What kind of pastor greets a known pedophile as his buddy?

Perhaps the answer lies is in the numerous other allegations that swirl around Berger, including that he has sexually harassed women outside his marriage.

But no matter how we parse the issue, our list of “buddies” doesn’t include child predators.

Grace Christian Academy tried multiple times to return Grant’s jerseys and other items taken from his funeral


More than two years after Grant’s death, Grace Christian Academy had still not returned Grant’s belongings.

That’s right up there with, “The check’s in the mail.”

Grant was not abused by his father

While there is no evidence that Grant was sexually abused by his father, there’s a ton of evidence that Grant was physically, emotionally, financially, and verbally abused by Aaron.

Grant, Gracie, Angie, and the court-appointed guardian ad litem all report coercive control by Aaron Solomon of his family and provide specifics to support these claims.

As victim advocates, Anglican Watch has learned of horrific situations. But Aaron’s alleged conduct is the worst we have seen.

Angie is crazy and a horrible parent

Both claims are nonsense.

Children are good judges of character, even as infants.

Both Grant and Gracie vehemently wanted to stay with Angie. In fact, at one point Grant tried to jump out of a moving car to get away from Aaron, who grabbed Grant so hard that Grant thought his wrist was broken.

Nor is there any external evidence to support the claims from Aaron and his friends that Angie is mentally ill.

Moreover, while there is zero evidence of mental illness on Angie’s part, the notion that someone who is mentally ill is a bad parent or dangerous is an ugly, outdated, and vicious trope, unsupported by evidence.

That said, accusing others of being mentally ill is part of the standard bag of tricks for malignant narcissists.

Is Aaron a malignant narcissist? We are sure he is, but readers are welcome to form their own conclusions.

We also know Angie personally and see zero evidence to support Aaron’s claims.

Grant and Aaron played baseball almost every week prior to Grant’s death

Categorically false, despite Aaron’s statements to the contrary at Grant’s funeral.

Prior to Grant’s death, it had been almost two years since the two spent time together.

Nor was Grant a fan of his father, having stated that Aaron never respected Grant’s boundaries and repeatedly sought help from school officials in an effort to protect his sister.

Grant also had made clear before his death that he did not want to pursue a career in baseball but instead wanted to marry, have a family, and have a quiet, everyday life. He said that one of his goals was to be a good father, unlike his biological father.

So why did Aaron lie about these and other details? We don’t know, but we believe the reason is that Aaron is a narcissist and wanted the attention of having a “big league” son.

Once Grant made clear he would live his life on his terms, we believe Aaron had no further use for him.

As for Aaron’s lies at his son’s funeral, it takes a special kind of person to do that. That sort of special person is someone who should be avoided at all costs.

Aaron Solomon is a Christian

Like Queen Elizabeth I, architect of the Elizabethan Compromise, said, we are loathe to make windows into the souls of men. (And women, for that matter.)

But at some point, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s a duck.

With that in mind, here is a screen cap of Aaron Solomon online, just five months after Grant’s death and shortly before Christmas, looking for sex. In his efforts, Aaron uses Gracie’s photo in his profile, apparently as bait. His line: “Every inch of you would love it.”

Of course, the fact he was using Gracie’s profile picture online raises additional possibilities, including that Aaron may be after young men, or trolling for fellow pedophiles. But whatever Aaron’s true intentions, the nexus between using his daughter’s photo and his efforts to get laid should be enough to send any parent into a panic.

Aaron Solomon looking for sex
Aaron Solomon looking for sex

Barf buckets aside, based on this behavior, it is difficult to conclude the Aaron is a Christian in any sense, or that his prattle at Grant’s funeral about bringing one final person to Jesus is anything but a narcissist telling people what they want to hear.

Meanwhile, given the vapid look on Aaron’s face, we doubt his success rate is very high. But much like serial rapist Rasputin, who in part brought down the Russian imperial dynasty via his sexual hijinks, combined with the protection of government officials, perhaps he’s playing a numbers game. Even it 999 out of a thousand targets slap Aaron silly, if he’s fishing all day long, sooner or later trouble will happen.

Let’s just hope that trouble doesn’t include children.

Didn’t a good Samaritan find Grant’s cell phone, charge it, return it, and come to Jesus as a result of his experience?

No, no, no, and no.

These claims are a series of nested lies that Aaron told at Grant’s funeral, even as the former stood overlooking Grant’s coffin.

For starters, multiple sources tell Anglican Watch that, behind the scenes, Aaron is an avowed atheist. Moreover, looking for Jesus in Aaron Solomon’s actions is like looking for Jesus in the Episcopal Church—yes, Jesus is there, but you’re going to have to do a whole lot of work to find him.

As to Grant’s cell phone, the facts are indisputable.

Bystanders observed Grant’s phone and other belongings near him in the ditch where he died.

That in itself raises concerns. Typically, when a vehicle hits someone, their belongings are scattered around the point of impact.

But even if, for some reason, a reverse miracle happened and these items were not scattered when Grant’s truck allegedly rolled over him, it defies belief that Grant’s phone traveled with him through the parking lot, only to pop out in the ditch where Grant died.

In any event, after Grant’s death, his girlfriend, who shared a Life 360 subscription with him, observed the phone traveling around the Gallatin area. The phone eventually stopped at the home of one of Aaron’s colleagues, Holly Thompson, from his days at local TV station WSMV.

Alarmed, Grant’s girlfriend brought up the issue, only for Aaron to tell Grant’s loved ones, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it.”

Eventually, Aaron brought Grant’s cell phone back, now with a cracked screen.

Life 360 data makes clear that, contrary to Aaron’s lies at Grant’s funeral, no one charged Grant’s cell phone after his death.

Nor did anyone come to Christ over the incident.

Was there any legitimate reason for Aaron to total Grant’s pickup truck following Grant’s death?


That’s especially the case after Aaron drove the truck, apparently no questions asked, following Grant’s death.

Moreover, while Aaron was quick to spend big bucks suing his wife and others over allegations of defamation, he sat strangely silent when faced with the possibility of a product liability lawsuit against Toyota over the seemingly faulty vehicle that killed his son. That’s curious in light of the massive potential liability for Toyota in this matter.

Are you saying that funeral director Pam Stephens broke Grant’s ankles?


We were not there at the private viewing of Grant Solomon’s remains. But we believe those who state that the funeral home broke Grant’s ankles.

To be clear, the person or persons who embalmed Grant’s body would have been responsible for the care of his remains. That said, it’s unlikely that Stephens was the embalmer.

But the most significant issues with Pam Stephens transcend the condition of Grant’s remains. Issues with Stephens’ behavior include:

  • Filing an affidavit on behalf of Aaron Solomon in the litigation between Aaron and Angie. Let’s put it this way: Would you want a funeral director who wades into personal conflicts between clients?
  • Per multiple sources, displaying open hostility toward Angie, Grant’s custodial parent, while making arrangements for Grant’s funeral.
  • Destroying Grant’s clothing, then allegedly lying about it. How many years has Stephens been a funeral director? Why would she do so?

Moreover, as then-owner of Williamson Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Stephens is responsible for all conduct that occurred during her tenure. So, who physically cared for Grant’s remains is irrelevant.

And let’s not forget: Stephens and Aaron Solomon are besties. Indeed, Aaron included Stephens’ cell phone number on the funeral paperwork.


The Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors, Embalmers & Burial Services ruled that Pam Stephens was not guilty of breaking Grant Solomon’s ankles


The Board did not impose sanctions against Stephens over allegations of abuse of corpse, further stating there was no evidence to support the claim except for the testimony of Grant’s mother.

However, the Board is not a court and does not have the authority to determine guilt or innocence. Nor did the Board interview Gracie Solomon or attempt to do so. The Board does not appear to have attempted to contact other witnesses potentially adverse to Stephens.

Note that the Board did reprimand Stephens for destroying Grant’s belongings without authorization. Oddly, Stephens has been licensed as a funeral professional in Tennessee since 1999, yet we are supposed to conclude that she only now is figuring this out?

Nothing about Pam Stephens’ conduct passes the sniff test.

There’s no proof of misconduct on the part of Grace Chapel or Rob Rogers


Not only do we have multiple sources on this score, but we’ve repeatedly offered Grace Chapel and Rob Rogers the opportunity, in writing, to clarify our concerns. In every instance, they have ignored our requests. So, no denial in the face of myriad witnesses means were good to go.

As for Rogers’ written claims that these allegations are false, consider the source: Rob has demonstrably lied on multiple occasions, and thinks it’s okay to ask parishioners to say the Imprecatory Psalms over a 14-year-old girl whose brother has just been murdered. If that doesn’t count as abuse, nothing else does.

While we’re on the topic, Grace Chapel’s attorneys are quick to say that the church and the school are separate entities.

For practical purposes, they are not.

Not only do the church and school occupy the same campus, but Berger loyalists occupy critical positions in both organizations and employees readily transition from one organization to the other.

The fact that attorneys are trying to draw a distinction makes us wonder why they think this is important. We believe this distinction without a difference manifests a desire to firewall Steve Berger from the appalling efforts by Grace Christian Academy, itself abusive, to cover up the abuse of Gracie and Grant Solomon.

Per Grace Chapel’s attorneys, Aaron Solomon was not a member of Grace Chapel


Per the church’s website, it does not offer formal membership. Moreover, Aaron attended Grace Chapel regularly, so this argument serves only to underscore that church officials are aware that their conduct could give rise to legal liability.

Otherwise, why even bring the topic up?

Do you support criminal charges against Amy Blaylock Curle?


Grant’s coaches didn’t know he and his sister were being abused


One of Grant’s coaches reportedly even showed up outside Aaron’s home and offered to give the latter a taste of his own medicine.

We are told that Aaron was not willing to go round and round with someone big enough to kick his backside, although the school terminated that coach’s employment in response.

Claims that Aaron Solomon has engaged in other illegal activity have been discredited


While we have no firsthand knowledge, Anglican Watch has uncovered indicia that Aaron has engaged in myriad illegal behaviors. These include allegations Grant made before his death that he saw child porn and other “vile” content on Aaron’s computer. The evidence is persuasive and comes from multiple sources. No evidence to the contrary has emerged.

We don’t believe you and can prove that Aaron is innocent of everything you describe

Great. Send us the evidence. We’re more than happy to publish it.

For the record, “I know Aaron and he is a good guy” is not evidence. It’s an opinion, and a foolish one at that.

Aaron’s buddy Sam Johnson didn’t harass a same-sex couple and is an all-around good guy

The videos of Johnson’s behavior speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, the multiple reports we have heard of substance abuse, adultery, and dishonesty on Johnson’s part are convincing.

While we’re on the topic, be sure to check out Johnson’s claim that he got beat up and left naked by, natch, a couple of “foreigners,” even as his wife slept in a nearby hotel room. Oh, and these horrible folks allegedly cleaned out Johnson’s checking account at a nearby ATM — even though we never have uncovered a police report or the video footage from the ATM’s security cameras.

All of which leaves us asking two questions:

  • Why did Aaron bring Johnson to the scene of Grant’s death to meet with Angie?
  • How can Johnson and Aaron claim to be Christians?

To the extent Johnson is any sort of Christian, he appears to be a Christian nationalist, an oxymoron of the highest order.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Aaron richly deserve each other.

You can’t criticize Rob Rogers. He’s a pastor.

He’s also a liar, abuser, and a POS. Feel free to quote us.

Grant loved Grace Chapel

Not at all. Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that Grant was deeply suspicious of folks at the church.

Smart guy.

Why is Anglican Watch covering an issue at an evangelical church?

While our focus is on the church where we have the most first-hand experience, we stand with all victims of abuse, violence, or oppression.

We also were careful to research this case before plunging in and can confidently say that Grant was a good kid.

He deserves justice, as do Gracie and Angie.

How long do you plan to keep hammering away on this topic?

For as long as it takes to get justice for Grant. A year, a decade, whatever is needed.

Why don’t you cite sources?

We often do.

But when in doubt, we opt to protect our sources. Anglican Watch has been publishing since 2015, and we have never been successfully sued for defamation. Nor has our reporting ever been discredited.

We stand by our reporting.

Aren’t you worried that whoever killed Grant Solomon will kill you?


There are multiple persons behind Anglican Watch, so killing someone would accomplish nothing. Meanwhile, the media firestorm that would ensue would quickly bring closure to the issue.

Besides, we take precautions, and several of our volunteers are well-trained in combat hand-gunning. And we’d welcome the opportunity to have at it with Aaron, a cowardly little weasel if there ever was one.

Anglican Watch is defaming [fill in the blank]

Clergy in particular love saying that anything in the media that they don’t like is defamatory. But defamation has a specific legal meaning, and several of our volunteers are attorneys.

We stand by our reporting.

Anglican Watch is “nasty and judgmental”

If Christianity is all about being silent in the face of allegations of murder, child sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, and government corruption, no thanks, you can keep it. And if calling out these issues makes us nasty and judgmental, then so be it.

We own it.


  1. This is such a great outline of detailed information that often gets tangled because there is just so much information to digest. READ TILL THE END!!! Pray. Give. Support Angie and Gracie in any way you can! #justiceforgrant #freedomforgracie

    1. Hi Tom. Not a peep, and we suspect her legal team may be feeling anxious in light of Aaron’s litigious conduct.

      That said, with the Daily Mail and other big outlets covering the story, Nancy Grace increasingly looks to be a day late and a dollar short. So, we’d love it if she picked up the story, but we’re not going to lose sleep over it either.

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