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Media coverage of Grant Solomon’s death explodes


The past few days have been important for everyone working to find justice for Grant Solomon, with Ashley Banfield and covering Solomon’s mysterious death. Grant died in mysterious circumstances on July 20, 2020, while alone with his estranged father, Aaron Solomon.

In interviews with Grant’s sister, Gracie, she states her belief that her father’s repeated sexual abuse of her, and her brother’s plans to go public with the issue, led to Grant’s death. Similarly, Grant’s mother Angie recounts a harrowing history of abuse by her former husband, Aaron.

Gracie’s allegations of sexual assault by her father were substantiated by the state of Tennessee, which has so far refused to investigate Grant’s death, Aaron’s alleged efforts to kill Angie, or any of the other questions about Aaron and his conduct.

An independent investigation by Anglican Watch concluded that Grant’s death was not due to being dragged by his own vehicle, as claimed by his father.

Instead, Grant died of a massive head injury, most likely caused by a baseball bat or similar object. Due to the inconsistencies in Aaron’s story, and the lack of blood at the scene, we concluded that:

1. Grant was most likely killed by his father, either acting alone or with others.

2. Grant, still alive, was moved the location where he was found, after possibly being assaulted at another location.

3. Grant’s pickup truck was driven to its resting place over Grant’s body.

4. There is no possibility, under any circumstances, that Aaron’s account of events is accurate.

As for statements by local law enforcement officials and Grace Christian Academy head of counseling Amy Curle that the public “doesn’t know the whole story,” spare us. Tennessee is a mandated reporting state, full stop. And if we indeed don’t know the whole story, we’re calling on Curle and her peers to come clean.

To quote one of our favorite resources on abuse, the Rev. Canon Robin Hammeal-Urban:

As Christians, we are called to tell about misconduct … on the intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels.

Communicating accurate information, or telling the truth about what has been secret, can be transformative and healing to many when all four of these levels are addressed.

So, time for Tennessee officials to end the corruption and address the Solomon case head-on. No excuses, no explanations, no claims of secret knowledge.

Meanwhile, Anglican Watch is deeply grateful to all who are covering the story, including our fellow bloggers, podcasters, and media outlets, including Lauren ConlinTrue Sunlight, The Chronicles of Olivia, The Williamson Herald, Crimefeed, The News, the Reddit communityUncoveredShannon Ashley, and so many more.

Those who’d like to support this worthy cause can sign a petition on, which now has more than 300,000 signatures.

Again, many thanks to all who are pushing for justice for Grant and his sister Gracie.

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