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Update: NBC5’s Phil Williams denies rumors involving Aaron Solomon, says they are the reason he’s not covering the mystery around Grant Solomon’s death

Phil Williams @NBC5: Part of the problem. #justiceforgrant

Yesterday, we covered the allegations, which we believe to be credible, that NBC5 investigative reporter Phil Williams may be refusing to cover the murder of Grant Solomon due to a sexual relationship with Aaron Solomon. Our coverage resulting in the predictable outrage, along with claims from Phil that the allegations

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Diocese of Atlanta allegedly ignores adultery by political candidate, Fr. Ben Day. Does this disqualify Bishop Wright to serve as PB?

Fr. Ben Day

Earlier today, Anglican Watch received allegations that the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta is ignoring Title IV allegations of an adulterous affair involving the rector of Christ Church, Kennesaw, Fr. Ben Day. Day also is running for local elected office. Anglican Watch is publishing a redacted version of the letter below. We

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Merrill Lynch pedophile and investment advisor Aaron Solomon has six figure tax debt in his records

Merrill Lynch employee Aaron Solomon’s six-figure tax lien

When you’re looking for an investment advisor/brokerage firm, what do you look for? If you’re like most investors, trust, integrity, reliability, sound judgment all would play a major role in your decision. Thus, it’s downright alarming that investment advisor and brokerage giant Merrill Lynch would hire substantiated pedophile Aaron Solomon

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Personal news

Mike Smith

Hi everyone. It’s Eric Bonetti, editor of Anglican Watch. As you know, I’m not great at self-disclosure. But I wanted to let you know I am leaving our dedicated volunteers in charge for a few days and making myself scarce. My husband, Mike Smith, whom I adore, got a heart transplant

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Tennessee regulators conclude funeral director Pam Stephens acted inappropriately, but fail to take meaningful action against her in Grant Solomon case

Williamson Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Service

Several months ago, Anglican Watch filed a complaint against Pam Stephens and Williamson Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Services for what we believe was spectacularly inappropriate behavior towards Angie Solomon following the death of Grant Solomon. State regulators ruled in our favor, but appear to have gone for a slap-on-the-wrist approach to

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Exclusive: Concerned citizens file police complaint against Grace Christian Academy over school’s failure to report child abuse


Earlier this week, we reported on efforts by Tennessee residents to have law enforcement investigate Grace Christian Academy (GCA), headmaster Robbie Mason, and guidance counselor Amy Curle for their failure to report allegations of child abuse involving Grant and Gracie Solomon. With this post, Anglican Watch provides the complete complaint and

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Title IV clergy disciplinary complaint filed against Bishop Alan Gates for ignoring allegations of child sexual abuse/rape

Bishop Alan Gates

Anglican Watch, the unofficial watchdog organization for the Episcopal Church, filed a Title IV clergy disciplinary complaint earlier this week against Alan Gates, Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts. The filing follows allegations that the Rev. Richard Losch, then serving a parish in Marblehead, MA, raped a boy at a Boy Scout

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Former director charged with stealing $1.6 million from Pennsylvania clergy death benefit fund

John A Miller

Published by Episcopal News Service. [Episcopal News Service] The former administrator of a nonprofit insurance corporation that has served the families of Episcopal clergy in Pennsylvania for centuries was charged in federal court with wire fraud for allegedly stealing more than $1.6 million intended for deceased clergy members’ widows and

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