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Ben Day Title IV clergy disciplinary case sent to investigator as Day continues efforts to influence the criminal case

Episcopal priest Ben Day is a perjurer

The Title IV clergy disciplinary case against Episcopal priest Ben Day has been referred to an investigator. The decision to investigate was made by the Title IV reference panel, which under church canons comprises the intake officer, the bishop diocesan, and one other member of the diocesan clergy disciplinary committee.

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Insane: Tennessee courts try to cover up details of Covenant shooting, leading to additional questions about corruption at Covenant Nashville

Covenant Presbyterian

It’s official—the Tennessee judicial system, already corrupt, has lost its collective mind. Specifically, a Tennessee court has refused to honor news media and police requests for the release of the Covenant school shooter’s so-called manifesto. As a result, Anglican Watch calls on federal law enforcement to investigate the Church of the Covenant

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Julie Roys doubles down on dumb, defends her past abuse of lesbian church member, even as she displays questionable journalistic ethics

Homophobic Julie Roys

TLD: Anti-abuse blogger Julie Roys is defending her past abuse of a lesbian church member, denying the abuse, and engaging in ethically questionable journalistic practices. We object. Julie Roys is, to many, the 800-pound gorilla of abuse journalism. Her approach, she says, is one of investigative journalism, and her publication, The

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Evidence shows Presiding Bishop candidate Rob Wright ignored prior Title IV complaint involving Episcopal priest Ben Day

Bishop Robert Wright ignores Title IV complaints

As Anglican Watch continues our investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct at Christ Church, Kennesaw, GA involving rector Ben Day, details on Atlanta Bishop Rob Wright’s nonfeasance in the matter are coming into focus. Evidence indicates that +Wright was included on a prior written complaint, as was Canon to the Ordinary

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Urgent alert: GC81 Nominating committee loses its mind, names Judge Michael Truncale as candidate for lay member of the Disciplinary Board for Bishops

Judge Michael Truncale

The nominating committee for the 81st General Convention of the Episcopal Church has nominated Judge Michael Truncale, an active federal judge appointed by Donald Trump, as a law member candidate for the Disciplinary Board for Bishops. Anglican Watch calls on all members of the Episcopal Church, including delegates to the General

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