Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge About the Rev. Stephen McWhorter

Note from editor: On January 9, 2022, we contacted both the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama and St. Luke’s, the church with which McWhorter currently is associated, asking for comment. So far, we have received no response. Let us hope that all involved, including the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (DioVA), act with integrity and transparency in this matter, including caring… Read More »

Episcopal Churches Fail to Protect Against COVID

It’s been said of the US and its allies that we are well-prepared for war. The problem is that it’s always the last war that we’re prepared to fight. While I have no opinion on the accuracy of that conclusion, one thing is clear: When it comes to COVID, Episcopal churches are fighting the last war. Context Before… Read More »

COVID, Holidays and Loss

Today’s post is a personal one, in which I reflect on COVID, loss and the holidays. Specifically, I hope to offer some insights that may be useful to others who are dealing with loss this holiday season. To be sure, the topic is hardly new. Nor do I have any insights that haven’t been offered elsewhere. But perhaps… Read More »

Deconstructing, Episcopal Style

A hot topic in evangelical circles these days is deconstruction. Typically the term refers to the path people take once they discover they are in an abusive church. Or when they have experienced abuse of any form in church. Let’s be clear: Abuse occurs in every faith community. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that hierarchical churches may be more… Read More »

Are You a Survivor of Church Abuse?

Are you a survivor of church abuse? People often think of church abuse as sexual abuse, but it covers a variety of bad behaviors, ranging from exclusion of the differently abled, to sexism, to ageism, to sexual harassment, bullying, to financial abuse and more. Indeed, church abuse is but one part of a wide array of bad behavior… Read More »

Guess What? The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Doesn’t Know What it Owns

Imagine you’re fabulously wealthy. Not just a millionaire, but Marjorie Merriwether Post-type wealthy. Yachts, Russian art, lavish homes — they’re all yours. In a situation like that, no one can blame you if you don’t know exactly what you own. After all, investment portfolios shift by the minute, thanks to automated trading. And if you have multiple homes… Read More »

The Curious Case of Lura Kaval

As some know, there is a Title IV case publicly under way in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Title IV is the church canon that establishes standards for clergy discipline. The case is noteworthy and curious for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it illustrates just how badly Title IV is implemented in… Read More »