Prominent Episcopal Family and Parish Linked to Torture

Some time ago, Pro Publica and other investigative publications did an expose of the companies behind the CIA’s program of “enhanced interrogation techniques.” These techniques, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and more, are regarded by many as torture and violations of international law. These practices have been condemned by the Episcopal Church, with the Episcopal Peace Foundation calling for criminal charges… Read More »

Still More Allegations Emerge About Jeff Piatt and Montvale Landscaping

Earlier today, Anglican Watch learned that a Sarbane-Oxley whistleblower complaint has been made to banking officials about questionable financial activity on the part of Jeff Piatt, Beth Abramson, Montvale Landscaping, and others connected with the group. Under Sarbanes-Oxley, publicly traded companies must take action in the event of potentially illegal activity. While Montvale Landscaping is not a publicly traded company,… Read More »

Additional Questions Arise About Montvale Landscaping Finances

Apparently, working in landscaping is a pretty good gig. In fact, cutting grass and performing other landscaping services as an employee is downright lucrative. At least, that’s the conclusion one comes to when looking at Montvale Landscaping’s federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan data. Per public records, Montvale Landscaping obtained a $437,500 PPP loan in 2020. Approved on… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Church Volunteer Timothy Taffe

Timothy Taffe, a volunteer at St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church, located in Plantation FL, was convicted on federal charges of attempting to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. Taffe, who served as a church greeter, began aggressively contacting the youth after meeting her at a church game night. The youth notified family members and allowed police to take… Read More »