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Calling BS on Episcopal Bishop Chilton Knudsen

Full disclosure: Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti filed a Title IV disciplinary complaint involving the Rev. Robert H. Malm, which was handled by Chilton Knudsen. She held that allegations of perjury involving Malm were “not of weighty and material importance to the ministry of the church” and dismissed the case. Jim Naughton, spokesperson for the Episcopal Diocese of… Read More »

Montvale Update: Steven Hopper and John Looes Lie to Newark Bishop and Clergy

This week, we see more dishonesty coming from Steven Hopper and the other dissidents with ties to St. Paul’s, Montvale NJ. Over the past week, Anglican Watch has continued our investigation of this situation, which involves protesters outside St. Paul’s, ad hominem attacks on Pastor Jill and the parish, myriad fabrications by the protestors, and homophobic hatred from the dissidents.… Read More »

Episcopal Survey Reflects Calamitous State of Denomination

The Episcopal Church recently published a survey, “Jesus in America,” which analyzed public views of Jesus, his teachings, and views of Christians generally. Predictably enough, it was intended to garner media attention, and PB Michael Curry positioned it as evidence that the church needs to become more Christlike. (In other words, pay attention to us. We know what’s… Read More »

Episcopal Churches Fail to Protect Against COVID

It’s been said of the US and its allies that we are well-prepared for war. The problem is that it’s always the last war that we’re prepared to fight. While I have no opinion on the accuracy of that conclusion, one thing is clear: When it comes to COVID, Episcopal churches are fighting the last war. Context Before… Read More »

The Curious Case of Lura Kaval

As some know, there is a Title IV case publicly under way in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Title IV is the church canon that establishes standards for clergy discipline. The case is noteworthy and curious for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it illustrates just how badly Title IV is implemented in… Read More »

Environmental Alert: The Blue Book is Here!

The Blue Book, the three-volume mountain of paper that comes out in advance of every General Convention of the Episcopal Church, is here. And leaving aside the environment destruction it has wrought upon our forests, it’s a doozy, primarily for what it doesn’t say. Coming in at a whopping 1193 pages, the compendium has many sections that, despite… Read More »