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Allegations of corruption swirl around Davidson County Courts in Solomon case

 One of the issues Anglican Watch has been exploring in the Aaron Solomon cases is allegations of corruption within the Davidson County, TN, domestic relations court. I am deeply concerned about these issues. As I have explored the case, I’ve talked with many women who have said they were steamrollered in court, especially in front of the late Judge Read More

PB Michael Curry’s legacy will be one of humiliation, failure and loss

While Anglican Watch differs from colleague David Virtue’s views on same-sex marriage, we heartily agree with other aspects of his assessment of Bishop Curry’s tenure. Too little substance, too much paper, zero accountability. We also recall a time when all were welcome in the church, not only those who think like us. PB MICHAEL CURRY’S LEGACY WILL BE ONE Read More

Clergy discipline, Title IV, and the importance of administrative suspension

One of the Title IV topics we have touched on is administrative leave. Specifically, we’ve talked about its importance and its timing. It’s that latter issue — timing — that we are exploring today. Administrative leave is one of several actions authorized during the intake process (Title IV.7.10). We believe it is vastly underused, and here’s why. The Read More

BSA Perversion Files underscore dismal Episcopal track record on child sexual abuse

One of the challenges in assessing the scale and scope of child sexual abuse in the Episcopal Church is that doing so is over-reliant on data about abusive priests. The so-called Perversion Files of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) illustrate this dilemma. Earlier, we reported on the 547 cases of child sexual abuse connected with Episcopal parishes that we Read More