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Episcopal Churches Fail to Protect Against COVID

It’s been said of the US and its allies that we are well-prepared for war. The problem is that it’s always the last war that we’re prepared to fight. While I have no opinion on the accuracy of that conclusion, one thing is clear: When it comes to COVID, Episcopal churches are fighting the last war. Context Before… Read More »

The Curious Case of Lura Kaval

As some know, there is a Title IV case publicly under way in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Title IV is the church canon that establishes standards for clergy discipline. The case is noteworthy and curious for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it illustrates just how badly Title IV is implemented in… Read More »

Environmental Alert: The Blue Book is Here!

The Blue Book, the three-volume mountain of paper that comes out in advance of every General Convention of the Episcopal Church, is here. And leaving aside the environment destruction it has wrought upon our forests, it’s a doozy, primarily for what it doesn’t say. Coming in at a whopping 1193 pages, the compendium has many sections that, despite… Read More »

The Episcopal Church and Race: Looking at Larger Lessons

Not long ago, the Episcopal church launched an audit of race and racial reconciliation in the church. The resulting report was damning, utterly expected, and something the church desperately needed to hear. And while the church, in true TEC fashion, lumbers along in sharing the remarkably unremarkable results, it misses the larger points. These include: The fact that… Read More »

Title IV: The Risks of Disclosure

Title IV is the canonical framework for clergy discipline in the Episcopal Church. And while it’s constantly being tweaked and re-tweaked, there is a fundamental problem with Title IV. Simply put, the problem is that it does not fully appreciate the importance of disclosure and truth-telling, and leaves victims of clergy abuse open to retaliation. That is the… Read More »