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BREAKING NEWS: GCA’s Amy Blaylock Curle attacks, tries to shut down #justiceforgrant

Amy Blaylock Curle unsafe around children

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Amy Blaylock Curle, head of counseling for Grace Christian Academy (GCA)  and one of the sorriest excuses for a human being we have ever seen, today attacked a volunteer with #justiceforgrant in an effort to shut down criticism over her failure to report child abuse as required under Tennessee state law.

Earlier today, Curle falsely told local police officials that volunteer George Brewer was harassing her online. That is bullcrud, and particularly inappropriate for someone who claims to care about young people—especially since George is a GCA alumnus. It appears a warrant has been sworn out for Brewer’s arrest.

And while some of Brewer’s comments may have been heated, this is social media folks. Indeed, if folks here at Anglican Watch had a dollar for each time we’ve been threatened or called nasty things, we’d be going to work in an limo. Make that an armored limo, in case Amy Curle or any of her ilk are lurking.

So, since Curle claims the reason she didn’t report child abuse as required by law is that there are two sides to the story, we’re here to tell you there’s another side to this story. Even as we’re left wondering why she didn’t move this fast when Grant and Gracie were at risk.

Most of what we have to say about Amy Blaylock Curle is not suitable for publication, but anyone who can ignore child abuse, while running to the police because someone said something her fat backside doesn’t like, is neither a Christian, nor someone who should be working with young people.

George, we have your back. We’re on the next flight into Nashville if you need anything, and we’re making plans to otherwise assist.

Finally, we have this to say to GCA parents: It’s time to cut Grace Christian Academy loose. Any place with Amy Blaylock Curle on staff is a cesspool and not safe for your children. Curle is so arrogant she seems to think she can pick and choose whether to report child abuse.


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