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Shocking report reveals extent of Aaron Solomon’s abuse

Grant’s medical exam revealed no injuries consistent with being dragged by his truck

Have you ever wondered, “What did judges know, and when did judges know it?,” in the mystery surrounding the death of Grant Solomon in Tennessee? It’s a reasonable question, and we have an answer, in the form of the 2013 report from the guardian ad litem involved in custody issues involving Dr. Angie Solomon’s children, Grant and Gracie.

So what is a guardian ad litem? It’s the person, often an attorney, who is appointed to represent the best interests of the children in a domestic relations case.

In this instance, the guardian ad litem was appointed in 2018. As part of her job, she reviewed allegations back to 2013, when Aaron Solomon allegedly tried to kill his wife. Aaron claimed she tried to commit suicide, but the guardian ad litem identified persuasive evidence this was not the case.

The guardian ad litem also identified multiple instances in which court findings were entirely opposite and unsupported by the testimony of medical experts.

For example, at one point Judge Phillip Smith stated he was concerned about Dr. Solomon’s parenting skills. Yet here’s what Dr. Freeman, a mental health expert says after examining Dr. Solomon:

“After reviewing the information collected, there is ample evidence to suggest that Dr. Solomon is a fully capable parent.”

“There is no data to indicate that Dr. Solomon is at risk of harming her children. The collateral sources, her self-report, and the report of her husband contain no information that suggests she might be abusive, neglectful, or harmful to the children.”

In another case, Dr. Reed, who had been seeing Dr. Solomon as a patient, tellingly noted:

“Mr.Solomon was trying to prevent Dr. Solomon from making her appointments.”

To be clear, that is consistent with an abuser, who will often try to prevent victims from contact with the outside world. And keep that in mind, because that thread comes up again.

Yet another mental health professional, Dr. Ruth Smith, is quoted in the report, saying:

“My diagnosis for Dr. Solomon is PTSD caused by the abusive marriage she has been in since 2001. She is a very capable, hard working, responsible and strong woman, who was gradually purposefully ruined by her husband, Mr. Aaron Solomon.”

Later, Dr. Reed is quoted:

“Dr. Solomon has had a horrible experience in regards to her pending divorce. In my opinion, her husband, Aason Solomon, has done a masterful job in confusing the Court about his wife’s actual mental health.

Apparently, the Court was led to believe that Dr. Solomon was an unfit parent and mentally ill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Solomon is a loving and appropriately caring parent. Based on what I have observed, I could not say the same for Mr. Solomon, who by means of trickery and deceit, convinced the children one morning to “go get doughnuts” for their mother and then took them from the family home never to return. From multiple comments made by both children over the months since, I find it highly likely that both of the children have consequently suffered emotional repercussions. Mr. Solomon’s lack of insight into the future distress that he would cause his children by his actions is worrisome as to his judgment as a parent.”

The guardian ad litem then notes that, shockingly, Grant and Gracie have been placed in custody of Aaron, adding:

It is demonstrable that this placement has allowed abuse against Grant and Gracie; it is still in effect and it needs to be rectified immediately.

The closing paragraphs of the guardian ad litem’s report are particularly damning of Aaron’s conduct:

When working as a GAL, it is common to see controlling parents and households with dysfunction and manipulation; however, the level in this case far surpasses any other case I have seen. Common situations such as clothes shopping for Gracie would have to be fully done and approved only while Aaron was physically present to watch her try on the clothes, which further highlights the sexual abuse allegations of which this is likely a part. Bathroom privileges were metered out and monitored, extending to the point where Grant, especially, was afraid to use the bathroom, even away from Aaron, for fear he would find out. Aaron informed Grant and Gracie that Angie died and they fully believed that for several months. Control was exhibited around important events or milestones such as baseball, where Grant excelled and had college prospects. College interest and baseball recruiting letters were hidden from Grant when the college was not approved of by Aaron, without Angie’s knowledge. As recently as the Spring of 2020, Aaron filed in Judge Smith’s court to have Angie arrested for failing to pay child support, another means of control Aaron and Mr. Parsley have consistently threatened and used against her and the children. Control moved to multiple threats of physical violence against Grant when related to vaping, also called juling, his truck or other behaviors Aaron felt were unacceptable.

On July 20, 2020, Grant died under his truck, at a baseball function, after vaping, and Aaron was the only witness.

It is my firm belief that Aaron used wealth and personal connections to win favorable decisions to the detriment of Gracie, Grant and Angie Solomon, leaving them open to harassment, sexual, mental and emotional abuse and leading to the untimely death of Grant.

Aaron has not, to my knowledge, had a mental evaluation in all of these years and there has still not been an investigation into the sexual abuse allegations of Gracie that night of August 2018.

Now, there’s an 18 year old that’s dead, with no investigation into his death, the only witness is Aaron and the reports of the incident are incomplete at best. Please investigate these incidents, so that Angie and Gracie may have some protection and possibly even some peace in their lives and so that no other person will be able to use the system the way Aaron has been able to. (emphases added)

So why hasn’t there been a meaningful investigation? And why is Aaron still able to game the system? These are compelling questions, and we will push forward until there is justice.

Indeed, while we cannot bring Grant back, we can finish what he started—protecting his mother and sister. And on that score, we are determined to win.

Find the full report below.


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