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GCA’s Amy Curle continues to abuse former student in court

Amy Curle — corrupt guidance counselor at Grace Christian Aacdemy

Freedom For Gracie volunteer George Brewer was wrongfully arrested by area police on October 2nd 2023. After Brewer sent 3 Facebook messages to Curle. Brewer had sent three Facebook messages to Amy Curle, his former guidance counselor, objecting to her failure to report allegations of child sexual abuse—even after she had been directed to do so by a judge.

Anglican Watch has learned from sources close to the matter that Fairview TN Police broke the law by serving an arrest warrant outside their jurisdiction. Thus, we believe the arrest was a violation of Brewer’s civil rights and constitutes a false arrest. In addition, Brewer experienced harassment and stalking from the Franklin Police department after bonding out; officers repeatedly followed him outside their jurisdiction in an apparent effort to intimidate him,

It is important to note that Brewer was released on his own recognizance,

Anglican Watch ardently opposes any school official in a position of trust abusing her position by not complying with state mandated reporter laws. Additionally, it is high inappropriate for a purported Christian guidance counselor to call the police on a student who rightly objected to her criminal conduct.

Multiple allegations point to Amy Curle and other GCA officials covering up repeated instances of rape and child abuse, as former students and parents continue to share. Curle is a known abuser and also failed to report the abuse Brewer allegedly experienced from English teacher, Debbie Carroll while a student.

On December 28, 2023 multiple witness statements were submitted by hand to the Franklin Police Department and Williamson Country Sheriffs department citing multiple documented instances of abuse, including official documents from Juvenile court where Curle was instructed by a judge her role as a mandated reporter. The concerned citizens gave GCA, Grace Chapel, Franklin PD, and Williamson County Sheriffs department until December 28th to respond to the reports. No response has been documented at this time.

Brewer will appear in Fairview General Sessions Court January 25th at 8am to combat these charges against GCA’s guidance counselor, Amy Curle. He is being represented by criminal defense attorney, Casey Ashworth.

Anglican Watch encourages members of the public to follow this case closely and to boycott Grace Christian Academy until it repents of its role in child sexual abuse.


    1. There’s a ton of proof. Listen to the recordings and check out the other material on Justice for Grant and Freedom for Gracie.

      The key thing for us is that Curle refused to report allegations of sexual abuse involving Gracie, and physical and emotional abuse involving Grant. Tennessee is a mandated reporting state. Curle admitted in court she never reported and was directed by a judge to do so, and she still didn’t report. Now she says, “You don’t know the whole story.” Okay, so go ahead and report and let the chips fall where they may.

      We also believe Grant died defending his mother and sister. Twenty-seven days before he died, he met with Steve Berger to beg for help.

      Berger says Grant came to talk about Jesus. That’s a load of bull, because Grant told several people afterwards what transpired.

      We believe Berger tipped off his buddy Aaron.

      Twenty-seven days later, Grant lay dying in a ditch by the side of the road. And yes, we believe Aaron, directly or through others, killed Grant. And we believe he sexually abused Gracie.

      As for Curle and GCA, what kind of human being doesn’t report a child in danger?

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