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Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge About the Rev. Stephen McWhorter

Note from editor: On January 9, 2022, we contacted both the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama and St. Luke’s, the church with which McWhorter currently is associated, asking for comment. So far, we have received no response. Let us hope that all involved, including the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (DioVA), act with integrity and transparency in this matter, including caring… Read More »

Episcopal Churches Fail to Protect Against COVID

It’s been said of the US and its allies that we are well-prepared for war. The problem is that it’s always the last war that we’re prepared to fight. While I have no opinion on the accuracy of that conclusion, one thing is clear: When it comes to COVID, Episcopal churches are fighting the last war. Context Before… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Holds Convention, Approves $10 Million in Racial Reparations

During its 227th annual convention, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia approved a fund of $10 million in reparations for its role in slavery and institutional racism. But while the news is commendable, the convention overall was a mixed bag, marked by resolutions and canonical amendments of varying quality. Before we go further, it’s worth noting that one measure… Read More »

Guess What? The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Doesn’t Know What it Owns

Imagine you’re fabulously wealthy. Not just a millionaire, but Marjorie Merriwether Post-type wealthy. Yachts, Russian art, lavish homes — they’re all yours. In a situation like that, no one can blame you if you don’t know exactly what you own. After all, investment portfolios shift by the minute, thanks to automated trading. And if you have multiple homes… Read More »

Arrogance Personified: Episcopal Parishes Ignore Parishioners During Pandemic

In the course of my travels, both in-person and cyber-based, I am hearing a recurring criticism from Episcopalians, particularly those who are elderly, shut-in, or isolated. That criticism, and it is deeply concerning, is that the church is ignoring them during the pandemic; that they feel ignored, brushed off, and irrelevant. I don’t have hard numbers, but I… Read More »

Truro Anglican Again Embroiled in Scandal

Reports coming out of Truro Anglican, one of the parishes at the center of the property dispute with the Episcopal Church, indicate that the church is again embroiled in scandal following the resignation of Tim Mayfield, the interim rector. According to various sources, Mayfield was asked to resign by the church’s senior warden following reports he inappropriately touched… Read More »

DioVT Grabs the Bull By the Horns, Announces Looming Financial Catastrophe

One of the problems facing many Episcopal churches, dioceses, and the national church itself is a lack of willingness to look the truth in the eye. That’s especially true when it comes to finances. Fortunately, small glimmers of hope come from the tiny diocese of Vermont, which recently announced that it faces a looming financial catastrophe and is… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Proposes to Zero Out Sexual Misconduct Prevention

You can’t make this stuff up. In the midst of the pandemic, at a time where abuse and domestic violence are skyrocketing, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is now proposing to zero out its budget for sexual misconduct training and prevention. Seriously. The announcement comes as the diocese attempts for the second time to pass a 2021 budget.… Read More »