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Sam Johnson, fake Christian

Many remember former Visuwell CEO Sam Johnson from his harassing a same-sex couple as they prepared to go to their high school prom. But there’s more to Johnson’s story, and the details make clear that Johnson is an even bigger idiot than someone who bullies high school kids.

To understand Sam Johnson, a great place to start is his X profile. There, we see the predictable Christian nationalist nonsense about saving America and more. His most recent post reflects this:

I and my family are squarely in the middle of a fight against faith, morality, and our traditional community values. Please pray for us as we continue to stand firm for the freedoms and rights that we all hold dear. We will prevail if we do not faint. Onward!

But if we take Jesus’ perspective, by their fruits you shall know them, we can quickly get a handle on Johnson’s ideas of faith, morality, traditional community values, and a few other topics.

For starters, Johnson initially lied about harassing the teenagers in the video that went viral. Fortunately, VisuWell saw right through Johnson’s lies and canned him anyway, after which Johnson ran the jolly roger up the mast and said he wasn’t sorry he did it.  

Clearly, his idea of a Christian faith includes bullying while excluding repentance. Nice.

Then we come to the allegations that Johnson has had multiple extramarital affairs. While Anglican Watch is unable to confirm that these have occurred, reports about Johnson’s purported antics have reached us from numerous independent sources. As a result, we find the allegations convincing.

Also noteworthy is Johnson’s 2017 trip to New Orleans. Multiple sources tell us that Johnson left the room he was sharing with his wife in the middle of the night to “go across the street to listen to some music.” 

And it must have been some damned special music, because Johnson didn’t wake his wife Jill, invite her to go along, or tell her that he was leaving.

The following day, the emergency room called Jill to come pick her husband up. He had been found in an alley, naked, covered in feces, and left to die.

According to Sam, two foreign men (gotta be foreigners, natch) beat him, drugged him, took him to an ATM to empty his account, and then dragged him into an alley to die.

Most in Sam’s inner circle believe he was really meeting a prostitute who slipped him a Mickey, took his wallet and clothes, and hightailed it out of there. We reap what we sow, right? 

We’d also note that we’ve been unable to find a police report on those two malevolent foreigners. Uh-huh.

We’ve also heard multiple allegations that Johnson is an alcoholic. And public records reveal criminal charges involving firearms. Nothing dispositive, but add them into the other issues with Johnson, and we get a disturbing picture of a really ugly human being who’s violating the Ten Commandments fast and furious, even as he blows smoke about his Christian values.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s not forget the recurring allegations of domestic violence on Johnson’s part. Yeah, spitting on your wife and otherwise abusing her. Great part of traditional family values.

But perhaps the most telling issue is that Johnson is besties with Aaron Solomon. What kind of Christian hangs out with a substantiated child sex abuser? Why did Johnson try to convince Angie that the gearshift on Grant’s truck had failed despite a total lack of evidence to support these claims? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course, Johnson will try to cover all of this with his (un)holy babble about attacks on his faith, demonic forces, and all the usual hoo-ha.

To be clear, these are all allegations. We cannot prove any of these claims. But when we hear the same allegations from multiple unrelated sources, we find them credible. And when we see numerous allegations, all pointing to an identical conclusion, we’re prepared to accept the underlying conclusion.

Believers, watch out. Johnson and his BFF Aaron Solomon are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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