Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Michael D. Archer

By | May 17, 2022
the Rev. Canon Michael D. Archer

the Rev. Canon Michael D. Archer of St. Wilfrid of York Church was defrocked in November 2018 after allegedly violating an agreement with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles made when Archer previously was suspended from ministry. The suspension was imposed due to allegations of financial irregularities involving his expense and discretionary accounts.

In a statement about the decision to defrock Archer, the diocese asserted that he had contacted parishioners in violation of the earlier agreement. Officials also stated that Archer had misrepresented “crucial information” pertaining to his departure from previous ministerial positions with the Church of the Nazarene, a denomination with views often at odds with those of the Episcopal Church.

Church officials declined to say whether they would pursue criminal charges. Local police officials said they were not investigating Archer.

Episcopal Diocese defrocks St. Wilfrid rector who confessed to theft of church funds

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