Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Matthew Dutton-Gillet

By | May 17, 2022
Episcopal priest Matthew Dutton-Gillet

Episcopal priest Matthew Dutton-Gillet was fired in September 2020 after a forensic audit found he had embezzled more than $200,000 from Trinity Episcopal Church in Menlo Park, CA. A previous financial review by church leaders found that Dutton-Gillet had stolen at least $125,000.

The Episcopal Diocese of California retained Evidentia Consulting of Redwood City to conduct the investigation. The firm found that Dutton-Gillett began using the funds for personal use in 2011, shortly after he became rector in 2009. Church officials said he used a variety of methods to funnel money from the church’s operating funds, including electronic transfers, credit cards, and other means.

Menlo Park police launched a criminal investigation, and entered into an agreement for discipline with the diocese, suspending him from ministry for four years.

At the time of his suspension, Dutton-Gillet told media outlets: “This is a very painful time for me, and particularly for my family. I have a deep love for the Trinity community, and they for me, and I know that this is painful for them, as well. I regret that deeply.”

As of 2022, Dutton remains listed in the online Episcopal Clergy Finder.

Menlo Park: Trinity Episcopal Church priest fired for misusing more than $200,000 in funds 

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These are the ones that always hit the hardest. I accept that there are genuine psychological sickos in every industry with horrible se</x perversions, and we all unanimously denounce them.

However, you would think that a priest would have enough moral fortitude to not give into simple greed and steal from parishioners – much of that money going to charities. Furthermore, I bet there are still some from his community who will try to excuse or outright defend him.

Just all around unfortunate.