St. Paul’s Montvale begins external audit

By | May 16, 2022
St. Paul’s Montvale Begins External Audit

Following the recent removal of church financial records from the premises, St. Paul’s Montvale has brought in an auditor to conduct an independent review of church finances. The auditor, who has expertise in corporate and non-profit investigations, has successfully led numerous cases to prosecution.

This initiative does not mean that criminal conduct or misfeasance has occurred. Instead, it could result in one of several findings:

  • No irregularities found.
  • Inconclusive.
  • Evidence of fraud, waste or mismanagement, but without ability to ascertain the specifics.
  • Evidence of fraud, waste or mismanagement, tied to specific persons or organizations.

At this time, the audit is not a forensic audit, meaning that it will not attempt to recreate church financial reports. But the auditor may recommend this as a next step. At the same time, the audit will provide the vestry, rector, and diocese with information regarding the accuracy of existing financial reports

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Great news! Another stinkbomb lands on the haters.

Speaking of, spoke with the New Jersey bar about a certain person who says he is an attorney. He is not. They were VERY interested. Same for the state police. LOLOLOL


Good. Let the truth come out! I am not a big fan of blanket bans, but it sounds like Pastor Jill was desperate to stop the wildfire from spreading.