ACNA Draws Criticism from Former Diocese Over LGBTQ Inclusion

Schism begets schism. That’s the reality that now faces dissident “Anglicans” in North America, following a Pastoral Letter from American Convocation of Anglicans in North America (ACNA) bishops that suggested tolerance, if not acceptance, of LGBTQ members. (ACNA comprises groups that have left the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church, and is not part of the… Read More »

Ft. Worth Supreme Court Decision Should Be a Governance Wakeup Call to TEC

Earlier today, the US Supreme Court declined to grant certiorari to loyalist factions seeking to maintain Episcopal control over church assets in the Ft. Worth area. As a result, dissident factions how have unquestioned control of formerly Episcopal assets, thanks to a Texas Supreme Court decision that grants property to the dissidents. While the outcome is painful for… Read More »

Further Reflections on the Max Debacle

Earlier today, I was a participant in the Zoom meeting with +Budde and Randy Hollerith over the Max Lucado debacle. Here are my thoughts: Bishop Budde was far more convincing than Randy Hollerith. Specifically, +Budde opens up and becomes vulnerable as she discusses this mess. Randy seems very much the narcissist who has learned responses by rote, and… Read More »

What if Churches Took Lent Seriously?

From the earliest days of Christianity, the church has treated Lent as a time of prayer, penance, and preparation for the Paschal feast of Easter. But in recent years, it seems like Lent has become much like making New Years’ resolutions: A sort of whimsical exercise where, for example, we give up chocolate for a few weeks, safe… Read More »

Online Services will Be Suicide for Many Episcopal Churches

One of the moves many churches, in all denominations, have made in response to the pandemic is the move to virtual services, either streamed live or pre-recorded. But there is reason to be wary, for some, myself included, believe that streaming services will, in the not-distant future, prove fatal for many parishes. Origin of the Parish Before we… Read More »

More on Max Meltdown

There have been some recent developments in the Max Lucado debacle at the National Cathedral, which I like to refer to as the Max Meltdown. And while those developments seem well-intended, they may prove to be too little, too late. These developments include apologies from Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith and Bishop Mariann Budde, as well as a listening… Read More »

Diocese of Washington Budget Illustrates Pandemic Pain

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington (EDOW) recently published both its projected 2020 year-end budget numbers, as well as its approved budget for 2021. The numbers are a frightening illustration of just how hard COVID-19 is eroding income for many Episcopal entities. Background and Context EDOW is a study in contrasts. On the one hand, it is a relatively… Read More »

KKK Preaches at National Cathedral. No, Actually It’s Just Max Lucado

Let me cut to the chase: It’s time for the Dean of the National Cathedral, Randy Hollerith, to resign. It’s no secret that, as a progressive, I often find myself unhappy with recent decisions in the Episcopal Church, particularly when those decisions evince a lack of leadership. But when it comes to stupidity and downright meanness, nothing holds… Read More »

Reinstatement of Lord Carey’s PTO is Shocking and Appalling

Over the past year, the Church of England has faced its own sexual abuse scandal that in many ways mirrors the horrific accusations swirling through the Roman Catholic church. And while most observers agree that there has been little accountability, and myriad instances of questionable veracity, extending all the way to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, there were… Read More »