The Collapse is Here

The following was written by The Rev. Tom Ferguson for his blog Crusty Old Dean and is reprinted with permission. The original may be found here. Tom’s views, while they coincide with those of Anglican Watch, are entirely his own and do no represent the views of his parish, his wife, or his dog. The Collapse Is Here.… Read More »

Episcopal Dioceses Enact Further Restrictions as Pandemic Rages

As the pandemic soars to new heights and daily deaths in the US top 3,300, Episcopal dioceses across the country are rolling back regathering initiatives in an effort to reduce new infections. As a result, many churches will only offer online services for Christmas and Epiphany. Among the dioceses to do so are Virginia, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Western… Read More »

Suicide by Cop Mars Christmas Performance at St. John the Divine

The Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, seat of Episcopal bishop of New York, faced a horrific incident yesterday just as its Christmas concert was concluding. The performance, held on the front steps of the cathedral, the first since the Cathedral closed its doors in response to the pandemic, was just concluding when shots… Read More »

Diocese of Washington Budget Reflects Pandemic Pain

One of the things that is nice about the Episcopal Diocese of Washington (EDOW) is that, in the scheme of things, it’s relatively open about its budget and business operations. Indeed, it scores a C for financial transparency, publishing an online annual report that includes hard numbers. And Bishop Budde, although not as willing to address clergy misconduct… Read More »

CPG Clergy Compensation Report Displays Disturbing Numbers

The Church Pension Group, or CPG, is the Episcopal Church’s captive insurance company. Every year, it publishes a compensation report for clergy, a treasure trove of data for governance geeks. As always,the 2019 data never fails to disappoint, and in many cases manages to alarm as well. Total Number of Clergy First, the number of full-time clergy in… Read More »

Bishop Peter Ball and the Dynamics of Abuse

The late Peter Ball was a bishop in the Church of England. A founder of the Community of the Glorious Ascension, he was a notorious pedophile and abuser of the boys and young men in the monastic order. His abuse ranged from sex, to spankings, to massages and more. The allegations against Ball are well documented, and there… Read More »

Christian Post Reports Upcoming Demise of Episcopal Church

In an article posted yesterday, The Christian Post reiterated warnings that The Episcopal Church is lurching towards collapse. That assessment coincides with similar predictions elsewhere. At its height in 1966, almost 4 million Americans were members. As of 2018, official reports count just 1.676 million members. And while all mainline denominations are facing decline with the passing of… Read More »

Supreme Court Skirts Science, Puts Persons of Faith at Risk

As a former attorney and ardent follower of issues and trends at the US Supreme Court, this author knows that the court has a remarkable ability to center itself over time. The outcome of individual cases also can be difficult to predict, for justices often form alliances that to us seem unusual, sometimes resulting in suprising outcomes. Those… Read More »

Anglican Church in Australia Argues as Archbishop Davies Decries Same-Sex Unions

Even as his church claims that it “welcomes all people,” Archbishop Glenn Davies of Sydney is noisily announcing that, as far as he’s concerned, the blessing of same-sex unions is unwelcome. Davies’ comments come after the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta in Victoria voted last year to allow clergy to bless couples who were already married. That’s right —… Read More »