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Merrill Lynch pedophile and investment advisor Aaron Solomon has six figure tax debt in his records

Merrill Lynch employee Aaron Solomon’s six-figure tax lien

When you’re looking for an investment advisor/brokerage firm, what do you look for? If you’re like most investors, trust, integrity, reliability, sound judgment all would play a major role in your decision.

Thus, it’s downright alarming that investment advisor and brokerage giant Merrill Lynch would hire substantiated pedophile Aaron Solomon as an investment advisor. That’s doubly the case when financial disclosure records indicate that Solomon had a six-figure tax lien against him, even before he was hired by the firm.

According to documents provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which is the independent regulatory agency that governs brokers and broker dealers, Solomon had a tax lien against him in 2013 of $119,270.46. (The link provided goes to the FINRA site.)

Whoa. And no one thinks Aaron Solomon’s tax lien creates an inherent risk? We wouldn’t trust Aaron with a quarter, and we sure as hell would not want to go to work with this creepster.

Of course, that’s far from Aaron Solomon’s only issue — in fact, he’s got only slightly less baggage than Chicago O’Hare airport on the day before Thanksgiving. Issues include:

  • Multiple allegations of forgery.
  • A Tennessee state determination that Aaron sexually abused his daughter, Gracie.
  • The questionable circumstances of son Grant Solomon’s death while alone with Aaron.
  • Aaron’s lies at Grant Solomon’s funeral, including his claims that he regularly spent time with his son prior to his son’s death. That claim is total BS.
  • Aaron’s fabrications about being a Christian. Multiple persons in his inner circle tell Anglican Watch that Aaron is a self-proclaimed atheist. And if that assertion is not true, what kind of Christian sues his wife for defamation and rapes his daughter?
  • Aaron’s unsavory ties to Christian nationalist preacher Steve Berger, who referred to Aaron at the funeral as “buddy.” Clearly, Berger’s standards differ from ours, because we do not include child rapists on our list of buddies.
  • Aaron’s alleged use of child pornography, which Grant Solomon claimed to have witnessed prior to his death and which he termed “vile.”
  • Aaron’s looking for sex online, using his daughter Gracie’s photo. Doubt it? Here’s a screen cap:
Aaron Solomon looking for sex
Aaron Solomon looking for sex online

Nor are Aaron’s issues inconsequential.

As Aaron himself states in his abortive defamation lawsuit against Angie Solomon and others, his conduct has led investors to pull their accounts from Merrill Lynch, which he acknowledges is his employer.

And while Aaron bloviates for several hundred pages in his legal pleadings about how everything said about him is a lie, he cannot avoid three key facts:

  • Grant Solomon’s injuries are inconsistent with Aaron’s claims that his was dragged to his death by his truck. Simply put, someone cannot be dragged by their vehicle for roughly 60 feet across the pavement without massive scrapes, abrasions, tears, and burns. It is not possible.
  • The state of Tennessee substantiated claims that Aaron sexually abused his daughter Gracie.
  • The screen cap above makes clear that Aaron is engaged in predatory online behavior inconsistent with his claim that he is a Christian. The fact he uses his daughter’s photo should cause grave public concern, particularly among parents. Feel free to quote us.

Speaking of, Anglican Watch continues to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and criminal conviction of the person(s) responsible for Grant Solomon’s death. Parents, the community, Grant’s family, and Grant himself all deserve justice and closure.

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