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Update: NBC5’s Phil Williams denies rumors involving Aaron Solomon, says they are the reason he’s not covering the mystery around Grant Solomon’s death

Phil Williams @NBC5: Part of the problem. #justiceforgrant

Yesterday, we covered the allegations, which we believe to be credible, that NBC5 investigative reporter Phil Williams may be refusing to cover the murder of Grant Solomon due to a sexual relationship with Aaron Solomon. Our coverage resulting in the predictable outrage, along with claims from Phil that the allegations

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Merrill Lynch pedophile and investment advisor Aaron Solomon has six figure tax debt in his records

Merrill Lynch employee Aaron Solomon’s six-figure tax lien

When you’re looking for an investment advisor/brokerage firm, what do you look for? If you’re like most investors, trust, integrity, reliability, sound judgment all would play a major role in your decision. Thus, it’s downright alarming that investment advisor and brokerage giant Merrill Lynch would hire substantiated pedophile Aaron Solomon

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