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Update on Anglican Watch investigation of Aaron Solomon

Aaron Solomon looking for sex

In recent weeks, we’ve been more quiet than usual on the continuing investigation into the allegations swirling around Aaron Solomon. But Anglican Watch continues to research the case, interview subjects, and assess the veracity of claims. 

As in the past, we believe the assertions about Aaron Solomon are accurate. Specifically, Anglican Watch concludes that Aaron:

  1. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, and sexually abused his former wife, Angie Solomon.
  2. Physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused his late son, Grant Solomon.
  3. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, and sexually abused his daughter, Gracie. Moreover, we believe he crossed state lines to do so.
  4. Acted directly or in conjunction with others to murder his son, Grant.
  5. Repeatedly perjured himself in domestic relations court.
  6. Is engaged in ongoing criminal activity, possibly including tax fraud.

Our vantage point

Anglican Watch uses Aaron’s defamation lawsuit as the starting point in its analysis of the allegations against him.

Specifically, for someone who thinks he’s pretty special, Aaron Solomon isn’t all that bright. 

A key indicator that this is the case is his expensive but inane lawsuit for defamation and other civil causes of action that he filed against his wife Angie, several friends, and 25 unnamed “John Does.” 

These latter anonymous individuals, Aaron claimed, were behind the Freedom for Gracie media effort, which he asserted defamed him.

Yet his claim to not know the identity of these persons appears to be a fabrication intended to permit almost unlimited discovery against Angie and others, with the goal of bankrupting them.

Why do we reach this conclusion? 

We do so because, with minimal effort, Anglican Watch has been able to identify eight of the anonymous defendants, all of whom are actually “Jane Does.” Indeed, several potential defendants left facially obvious evidence lingering on social media- data that remains readily available to anyone with an eye for detail.

This evidence includes:

  • Metadata.
  • Cookies from other applications visited.
  • EXIF data in photos.
  • Objects in pictures that were readily identifiable via reverse image search.
  • Geospatial data.
  • Textual analysis.
  • Timing and sequencing of social media posts.
  • Correlating friends and followers between social media platforms.
  • Publicly available databases of email addresses, social media profiles, family members, and acquaintances.

In pursuing these Jane Does, Aaron Solomon hired one of the most expensive lawyers in Nashville. In doing so, he filed a 448-page civil complaint, yet there is no evidence that he made any significant effort to identify the parties purportedly defaming him.

We’d add that the other defendants are not hard to identify. While we do not have absolute certainty about the other potential defendants, we can identify them with a high degree of certainty.

That raises the question: If Aaron really believes these persons are defaming him, why doesn’t he hire a private detective and file suit based on the results? After all, a dismissal with prejudice in a civil suit has limited preclusive effect against persons not explicitly named in the prior action.

In other words, Aaron appears to have thrown heaps of money out the window on a frivolous, vexatious lawsuit. And his attorney didn’t warn him he could get slapped with sanctions? We doubt it.

Money makes the world go ’round — welcome to the cabaret!

While serving as an anchor with WSMV, Aaron never made more than $55,000. Nor did his income appear to improve during his time with Merrill Lynch. 

So, this raises the question: What damages did Aaron actually suffer as a result of his claimed defamation? 

Our investigation suggests he suffered none at all. It’s not like he heads up a line of haute couture where the company’s value could collapse over the allegations at hand.

Indeed, the suit is an ugly combination of the prototypical Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP), together with a childish effort to trash his wife’s reputation to the public. 

And in case Aaron hasn’t figured it out, real men don’t bully women. That’s doubly the case when the woman in question is his wife. It’s triply the case when, as Aaron falsely asserts, his wife has a mental illness. It’s just not a good look, particularly for someone who claims to follow Christ.

The combined issues of the frivolity of the lawsuit and its apparently exorbitant cost raise another issue, which Anglican Watch will explore more fully in a future post.

But for now, we’re left scratching our heads: A review of the court pleadings makes clear that Aaron sought spousal support from Angie. So if he-man Aaron Solomon needs his wife to pay his bills for him, where’s he getting the money for the lawsuit? No lawyer in his right mind prepares a 448-page civil complaint without a damned big upfront retainer.

Was Aaron using money from his inheritance to pay for the lawsuit?  

If that’s the case, then Aaron perpetrated a fraud upon the courts with his claim that he needs Angie to support him. 

And why are there various federal tax liens against Aaron Solomon, even as he’s livin’ la vida loca? We constantly get reports of Aaron trying to live an A-list lifestyle.

And if we flip the coin, neither Angie nor Gracie is living high on the hog. As a result, we are investigating whether Aaron pays any child or spousal support, and if not, why not? If he’s not paying support, Aaron likely has lost any parental rights involving Gracie.

Another issue Anglican Watch is investigating is what appears to be an ongoing effort by Aaron Solomon to hide assets via his parents. These efforts include a company, Aspirational Holdings, LLC, located at 2329 Keegan Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 

That address is the present home of Aaron’s parents, Tom and Linda Lou Solomon. Curiously, a review of public records suggests Tom has taken measures to conceal his identity; we find his name only in the real estate records for the location.

Even more curious is that the company lists itself as its own registered agent. That’s a foolish idea, most likely intended to preclude outside scrutiny. The whole notion of a registered agent is that a notice of lawsuit goes to someone who knows to take it seriously versus leaving it sitting in a stack of junk mail.

Location, location, location

Another reference point is the high number of registered sex offenders near the home of Aaron’s parents; there are 99 in the immediate vicinity. Beyond the immediate area, offenders are few and far between.

Sex offenders near Solomon residence
Sex offenders near Solomon residence

Further, we cannot help but notice that the Solomon home — which appears in some records as Aaron’s current home address — is just one-tenth of a mile from the house of registered sex offender and former Rutherford County Sheriff’s Colonel Edward Farmer, who along with his then-girlfriend was indicted on two counts of Especially Aggravated Exploitation of a Minor, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, two counts of Solicitation of a Minor, two counts of Criminal Responsibility for Aggravated Statutory Rape and one count of Attempted Tampering with Evidence.

Farmer was later convicted of violating the provisions of the state sex offender registry law by leaving the state without authorization.

Relatedly, public records show Farmer has family ties to the late Thomas Sterling Farmer, Jr., convicted on federal charges of running a methamphetamine lab.

In other words, for someone so worried about appearance, Aaron surely has picked an unusual place for his home. 

Aaron’s possible procurer

Some time ago, we identified a woman who we believe has aided and abetted Aaron in obtaining and grooming prostitutes. We now have her name and have received detailed allegations of her behavior and connections to Aaron Solomon. These allegations include claims of wire fraud and interstate sex trafficking.

Indeed, some Nashville locals refer to Aaron as “a little Jeffrey Epstein.” The woman we identified as possibly his procurer is sometimes called “the American version of Ghislaine Maxwell.”

This corruption also comes close to pastor Steve Berger. For instance, the brother-in-law of a member of Berger’s immediate staff has been convicted of myriad criminal charges. This does not mean that the staff member necessarily is engaged in illegal or immoral conduct.

But at some point, the percolating sleaze factor takes center stage. Like shaking a haystack in order to find a needle, only to have ten needles pop out at your feet, we reach a point where we’re forced to conclude that the haystack is stiff with needles.

In the meantime, we have passed the information above along to the appropriate individuals and provided copies to multiple major media outlets. 

So, it’s important to remember that all persons are innocent until found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Further, everything above is an allegation, although Anglican Watch has concluded that Aaron Solomon is corrupt, and the corruption in question extends to the highest levels of the Tennessee state government.

Why doesn’t the state take these issues seriously? 

Anglican Watch cannot prove it, but we believe Aaron’s possible ties to sex trafficking give him kompromat on a variety of state and local officials, including judges and law enforcement officials. Moreover, we believe Coffee County and Gallatin will emerge as rife with corruption, including Judge Deanna Johnson. Nor should we forget that Governor Bill Lee and the rest of the nomenklatura of the state GOP have ties to Steve Berger and Grace Chapel.

We also remain firmly convinced that Grant Solomon was telling the truth about meeting with Grace Chapel pastor Steve Berger in an effort to protect his mother and sister. 

It beggars belief that Grant hung out with Berger to chat about Jesus, and we strongly suspect that Berger and Patti Tremblay will both wind up convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in the murder of Grant Solomon. 

Similarly, funeral director Pam Johnson’s weird behavior and allegedly inconsistent stories lead Anglican Watch to believe she will be convicted of criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

We can only continue to investigate, publish, and wait to see what happens.

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