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Pedophile Aaron Solomon continues with Merrill Lynch

Aaron Solomon, alleged murderer

Some time ago, as public awareness of the allegations against Aaron Solomon became public, the Nashville office of Merrill Lynch quietly removed Solomon’s micro-site from the firm’s webpage. But an investigation by Anglican Watch reveals that Solomon continues as a company employee.

Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that the decision followed several investors removing their portfolios from the firm’s management.

The decision to retain Solomon seems like a bad business decision, and an unethical one at that.

Among the issues with Solomon are the following:

  • A 2011 bankruptcy.
  • A 2021 finding by the State of Tennessee that he has sexually abused his minor daughter Gracie.
  • Allegations that he has engaged in domestic violence towards his wife, his daughter, and his son.
  • Allegations that he murdered his son, Grant.

Moreover, while we are not mental health professionals, and it is not possible to diagnose someone absent an in-person evaluation, this publication believes Solomon’s conduct evinces someone who is a narcissist and has an anti-social personality disorder.

Thus, we believe that Solomon’s continuing presence likely results in reputational damage to the company. Moreover, his conduct appears to increase risk to the company, investors and shareholders.

Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America in 2008. The business was merged with Bank of America Securities LLC to form Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML). In 2019, the latter was split into BofA Securities, Inc. and Merrill Lynch, which was rebranded as Merrill.

While Merrill holds approximately 7.4 percent of the world market as measured by revenue, it has had numerous issues in recent years. This includes a 2016 FINRA case in which the company admitted to misusing client funds.

Persons who wish to share concerns about possible illegal behavior by Solomon can use the company’s ethics hotline to do so, which can be found at

Solomon’s FINRA CRD number, used to track persons licensed by FINRA, is 6178487.

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