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Look what Franklin Tennessee spit out! My little homophobe!

Homophobia in Franklin TN
Homophobes in Franklin TN
Homophobes in Franklin TN

Gotta love it—Some folks in Franklin TN show their true colors in this comment, blocked by our comment filter system.

Why do we detect the unmistakeable stench of Weasel Lips, aka Aaron Solomon?

Of course, if this dolt could spell, we might take him seriously. And true to form, this jackrabbit thinks he can bully women, kids, LGBTQ+ persons, and others. But if he thinks he can bully us, he’s sadly mistaken, and we’ll gladly go one-on-one with him any time. And he’d better make his first move count, because there won’t be a second move on his part.

That said, his IP address traces to AT&T, and law enforcement is investigating. And we’ll be interested to know why he wants us as his “bitch.”

Bisexual much?

See you at Grace Chapel!

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