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Trouble in Texarkana: Title IV charges filed against David Halt

David Halt Title IV Complaint

The uproar in Texarkana and Boston has expanded. Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that a Title IV case has been filed against David Halt, rector of St. James, alleging multiple violations of Title IV, the Episcopal clergy disciplinary canons. The charges relate to Halt’s retaliation against the Rev. Richard Daly, for opposing the sexual harassment of a woman connected with the church.

We have received a copy of the complaint and redacted the name of the victim, as the Diocese of Massachusetts is doing in a related Title IV case against Douglas Anderson.

Let’s see if Bishop Sumner has the, um, spine, to address this matter, or if he is going to persist in lying about the situation. And hey George, if you need a spine, we have more than enough to go around — we’ll lend you one.

And just in case you’ve missed it, we’ll say it yet again: Sexual harassment of women, or anyone else, is an egregious violation of the baptismal covenant. And covering it up is even worse.

We demand that Halt, Sumner, and all involved treat women with respect, stop lying about this situation, provide a pastoral response to all hurt by this misconduct, and come clean. If you can’t or won’t do that, get the hell out of Dallas.

David Halt Title IV Complaint
David Halt Title IV Complaint

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