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URGENT PETITION — Sign today to insist that all clergy be accountable in the Episcopal Church

Demands increase for bishop accountability Following the lackluster response to the allegations of domestic violence by Bishop Singh and the purported sexual assault of Julia Ayala Harris at a church meeting, there have been demands in both Houses of the General Convention to revisit bishop discipline and the related disciplinary canons. But these efforts miss the point and Read More

Another busy weekend in the Caca Crown Derby of clergy misconduct

For many, the Fourth of July weekend is a chance to relax, grill, and maybe hit the beach; it’s also an opportunity to tidy up the inbox. As a result, Anglican Watch has pulled in more complaints than usual. And sure enough, several of our regulars are in the thick of things. Among the complaints we’ve fielded: Yet another complaint Read More

Episcopal church gives new meaning to the word insanity

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result. And while that may be true, the Episcopal church has a new, improved definition: Doing the same thing over and over. Having it fail. Declaring the result a stunning success. At a recent meeting held in the four-star Graduate Hotel in Read More

Dumber than dog dirt: allegations of additional retaliation emerge from St. James Texarkana

If there’s one thing Episcopalians are good at, it’s explaining away their woes. We know the refrain: The church isn’t collapsing, it’s struggling. And the fact it’s struggling has nothing to do with us and our behavior. Any problems are caused by Anglican Watch, the last priest who was here, the unpopular lady in the third pew — members Read More