Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Thomas W. Allen

By | April 17, 2022
Episcopal priest Tom Allen
Episcopal priest Thomas W. Allen (“Father Tommy”) received four second degree assault charges in 2018 after his wife and step-daughter filed temporary protective orders for punching his wife in the face and kicking his stepdaughter in the chest.  Allen was also charged with assaulting three of his children. Allen is a graduate of the conservative evangelical Trinity School for Ministry near Pittsburgh and a member of the conservative Anglo-Catholic Society of the Holy Cross (SSC). He was removed from the priesthood by Bishop Eugene Sutton of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, where he served as rector of St. Mary’s, Abingdon (Harford/Bel Air). Allen was then re-ordained by Bishop Walter Grundorf in the Anglican Province of America and is now (2022) the founding rector of St. Athanasius Anglican Church in Glen Allen, Virginia.
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Eff this guy

Yes, and not only that. He proudly used the n-word in the bar I was working at. Disgusting man.