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Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Martha Ann Englert

Episcopal priest Anne Englert

Episcopal priest Anne Englert

Episcopal priest the Rev. Martha Ann Englert, was rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, Wisconsin (the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee). She was barred in 2006 from serving as a priest pending an investigation into allegations that she disclosed confidential information about, and made inappropriate remarks regarding, parishioners and staff members. The presentment against Englert noted that she made inappropriate disclosures about parishioners’ mental stability, family problems, the circumstances of a parishioner’s father’s suicide, the alleged incompetence of Grace Church employees and volunteers, the sex lives of parishioners, the medical issues of parishioners, the parenting abilities of parishioners, the inadequacy of a parishioner’s pledge, the financial issues of parishioners, etc. In all, she was alleged to have made inappropriate disclosures about 24 named parishioners. She was also alleged to have referred to communion as “hemlock,” saying that parishioners should be shot or poisoned, discussing her own sex life with parishioners, telling sexual jokes in the sacristy, identifying parishioners she wished to force out of the parish, using profane language in front of children, etc. On April 29, 2006, she was inhibited from the exercise of ordained ministry by the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. Englert left the parish on February 1, 2007, receiving a lump-sum payout of $236,000. The Milwaukee diocesan ecclesiastical court sentenced Englert to ten years’ suspension from the ordained ministry, open to appeal and reinstatement after five years. Englert challenged the accusations, but The Episcopal Church’s online archival record of her appeal is incomplete. Ordained in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine in 1998 after attending Episcopal Divinity School in Massachusetts, the 2022 Episcopal Clerical Directory identifies Englert as still canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee and residing in Madison.

Subsequent to her Title IV case, Englert now serves as a dorm parent at the Oliverian School, an alternative education school for girls where classes are often one-to-one. Her bio conspicuously avoids mention of her stint with the Episcopal church. The opportunity was recommended to her by a contact at the Tabor Academy in Massachusetts, which is the alma mater of perjuring Episcopal priest Robert Malm.



  1. The story online is really convoluted. She got the payout before the trial, and seems to still be a priest.

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