Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Gregory Malia update

By | April 9, 2022
Episcopal priest Gregory Malia
Episcopal priest Gregory Malia

Episcopal priest Gregory Malia

After Gregory Malia‘s 2010 removal from the Episcopal priesthood in the Diocese of Bethlehem, he was sued in January 2011 by his personal assistant and property manager from 2007-2009 while he was rector of St. James’s Episcopal Church in Dundaff, Pennsylvania. The lawsuit alleged that Malia forced his secretary to go to strip clubs with him and observe lap dances from strippers. She also alleged that the priest forced her to the ground and removed her bra. The priest also brought his secretary to his home in 2008 and removed his clothing, asking her to rub oil on his genitals and chest. Malia laid off the complainant in 2009, allegedly due to a lack of funding. The secretary contended that Malia threatened retaliation if she told anyone about the behavior and routinely used obscene and derogatory nicknames for her.

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