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Sources tell AW that Sam Johnson’s lawsuit against Kathy Griffin may be fraudulent

Is Sam Johnson defrauding the courts?
Lil Sammy Johnson enjoying a MAGA moment with Steve Berger in Manhattan
Lil Sammy Johnson enjoying a MAGA moment with Steve Berger in Manhattan

Multiple sources tell Anglican Watch that Sam Johnson’s lawsuit against comedian Kathy Griffin may be fraudulent. Specifically, while Johnson claims Griffin’s posting video of Johnson harassing a young same-sex couple cost him his job as CEO of Visuwell, sources report that Johnson remains engaged with the company.

To be clear, Anglican Watch has been unable to verify these claims. However, a review of corporate filings suggests these claims are accurate.

Shortly after Johnson’s homophobic rant — and his fabrications about what transpired — Visuwell rebranded as Hatchcare

As part of the move, long-time insider Gerry Andrady took over as CEO.

But Andrady goes way back with the company, having been a top official for one of the company’s predecessors, WeCounsel Solutions, LLC. Andrady stepped away from that position at the time the company morphed into Visuwell.

Thus, things have come full circle.

The secret to Johnson’s role in Hatchcare may be through its funding. A startup, Hatchcare appears to be funded by Johnson Capital Ventures, G.P., DUNS 106197829. Thus, Johnson can probably claim any management fee he wants, meaning that any claimed termination may be nothing more than a fraud upon the courts.

Public records show Johnson as potentially having had ties to various businesses in the area, including:

  • Community Publications, Inc.
  • Healeo, LLC
  • Johnson Distributors
  • Look for Change LLC
  • Louder Products
  • Refyl, LLC
  • Shepherd Construction

And others.

As to Andrady, he has multiple business interests, including:

  • Better RCM LLC, which appears to help medical practices with revenue cycle management.
  • Andrady Homes, which provides high-end rental homes in the Brentwood area.
  • Click Tap Solutions, a now inactive LLC.
  • Helix Science LLC, which is now inactive.

Meanwhile, Visuwell, doing business as Hatchcare, operates out of a private mailbox located at 3 Maryland Farms, Ste 150, Brentwood, TN 37027.

The company’s registered agent is Chris Morgan, the CEO of LBMC W Squared, a financial and business consulting group located at 201 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN 37027.

Meanwhile, the underlying Delaware corporation, Visuwell, remains alive and well but amended its corporate filings following the Johnson scandal.

Of course, there’s another issue with running around suing people, which is that you open the door to numerous other issues. So, we encourage Kathy Griffin’s lawyers to learn about the various allegations involving Sam Johnson, including:

  • His purported extramarital affairs.
  • His allegedly turning up naked, covered in feces, in a New Orleans alley after sneaking out of the hotel room he shared with his wife, purportedly to listen to music. Musta been some DAMNED good music!
  • His alleged spousal abuse, including spitting in his wife’s face. And, of course, since Jill is a plaintiff in the case, we have no doubt that Kathy Griffin’s attorneys will want to ask about these issues at deposition. Something about the veracity and character of the witness….

Oh, and be sure to ask around Nashville’s massage parlors while you’re at it. No telling what you’ll learn!

And, of course, there are his ties to the death of Grant Solomon. Funny that Sam was such an expert on failed automatic transmissions — despite the fact that Grant’s truck was in perfect working order. Hmmm.

But hey, Johnson is a Christian, and don’t you forget it.

Kathy Griffin, have fun! 

And to lil’ Sammy’s attorneys: These are all allegations. Nothing is to be taken as fact. But we find our sources credible and believe them.

Lil Sammy Johnson and the Bergers having a woke moment in Manhattan
Lil Sammy Johnson and the Bergers having a woke moment in Manhattan

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