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Is RICO the solution to corruption at GCA and Grace Chapel?

RICO—a great way to put trash behind bars

The Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) legislation has been in the news lately. Enacted on both the state and federal levels, Georgia’s RICO is proving problematic for Donald Trump.

But is RICO a solution for issues at Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy (GCA)?

There’s no definitive answer, but Anglican Watch believes RICO is appropriate for GCA and other parts of the Steve Berger empire.

So what is RICO? It’s criminal and civil legislation that imposes draconian sanctions on persons and organizations that engage in an ongoing pattern of illegal activity. Among other penalties, RICO contemplates triple damages, asset forfeiture, and jail time.

On the federal level, no court has ever found that RICO covers child sexual abuse. But plenty of other misconduct at GCA, Grace Chapel, and other organizations is covered. These offenses include:

  1. Obstruction of justice, including Steve Berger’s lies about his meeting with Grant Solomon prior to his death, Rob Roger’s lies to the church about the abuse of Gracie Solomon, and the myriad instances in which Amy Curle aided and abetted child abuse — even after a judge told her she is a mandated reporter under state law. In addition, the school has repeatedly covered up rape and other misconduct by male students. (Think football player.)
  2. Criminal conspiracy to commit murder, including Steve Berger tipping off Aaron Solomon about the fact that Grant was about to go public about Aaron’s sexual abuse of his sister. Further, Patti Tremblay’s role in luring Grant to his death warrants a criminal investigation.
  3. Criminal fraud, including the allegations we previously published that Robbie Rogers raised money for a new school bus based on false pretenses. Specifically, he claimed GCA was buying a new bus when, in reality, it was so old as to be unrepairable. Similarly, Steve Berger’s claims about aid to the middle east appear to be fraudulent according to multiple sources on the ground — including a source in the Red Crescent.
  4. Theft and desecration of corpse, by funeral director Pam Stephens. In addition to the allegations about abuse of Grant’s body, we still have no explanation for Stephen’s lies about the disposition of Grant’s clothes. Indeed, to us it sounds suspiciously like Stephens wanted to make sure Angie did not have access to anything with the DNA of others than Grant on it. If that’s the case, Stephens is a con-conspirator and sooner or later will serve time in jail. (Anglican Watch staff will take time off from work if and when that happens to see Pam dragged off to jail. Popcorn, soft drinks and ice cream on us!)

What’s noteworthy is that Tennessee’s RICO statute extends to child exploitation and prostitution. 

Even better, in RICO you don’t have to prove that each individual charged committed the crime—you just have to show they were part of the larger conspiracy.

Given the allegations that swirl around Aaron Solomon — which include running a prostitution ring out of WSMV — and Grant’s statement prior to his death that he had seen child porn on his father’s computer, Aaron would appear a prime target for criminal prosecution under the state RICO. 

Moreover, the allegations of repeated use of prostitutes by Sam Johnson, his purported regular appearances at seedy massage parlors in the area, and his efforts to cover up the murder of Grant Solomon make him a prime target for RICO charges.

The ring of corruption doesn’t stop there. 

Whether it’s the Gallatin Police and the department’s curious destruction of body cam footage, the harassment of George Brewer by Williamson County law enforcement, the refusal of Governor Lee and Jonathan Skrmetti to act, or the refusal of state officials to prosecute Aaron Solomon, there are myriad layers of corruption in this matter.

So, even if law enforcement doesn’t pursue a RICO action, we encourage others to file a civil RICO action.

And for the record, there’s no need to feel bad about going after these slime balls. Not one of them evinces any remorse for their conduct.

And law enforcement, we are confident we know the name of Aaron Solomon’s business partner in his prostitution business. So, hit us up anytime!

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