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SHOCKING: GCA baseball coach Brad Myers stole baseball memorabilia from Grant Solomon’s funeral

Brad Myers, GCA baseball coach

Imagine that you send your child to a private school.

Now, imagine that another family at the school loses their son in tragic circumstances, and you have items belonging to him.

How do you handle the situation?

We all probably have slightly different answers to the question. 

But most answers probably run along the lines of, “I get in touch immediately with the other child’s family and make arrangements to return the items. 

“When the time comes, I make dinner and bring it, and their son’s belongings, over to them, give them a hug, and do everything I can to help them.”

That is, unless you work for Grace Christian Academy (GCA). 

In that case, you steal additional items from the student who died, then tell his grieving mother and sister if they want to get his stuff back, they should hire a lawyer.

And just to make it sound all churchy nice, if you work for GCA, you add in a bit about praying for the family.

That is precisely what happened to Grant Solomon: After his death, staff at GCA stole items from his funeral and told his mother in writing that, if she wanted Grant’s belongings back, she needed to hire a lawyer.

Specifically, Brad Myers, a baseball coach at the school, allegedly stole Grant’s Loretto baseball, a souvenir from an earlier playoff game, from Grant’s funeral. 

Myers subsequently ignored more than a dozen messages from Grant’s mother Angie — which, in a civil proceeding, can be construed as an admission of guilt.

Even better, while we decline to speculate whether Myers has heard of the Ten Commandments or the bit about “thou shalt not steal” (especially from funerals), we do know that Myers claims his favorite passage from the Bible is Galatians 6:7, which says, “Be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, he shall also reap.”

Pretty rich.

And when Angie escalated the matter to Headmaster Robbie Mason, he tried to gaslight her:


We continue to lift you and Gracie up in our prayers. Grant was a fine young man, and he was loved by so many here at Grace.

It is our understanding that all request [sic] for information or items should come directly from your attorney since you were [sic] represented by counsel. We have never purposely withheld anything from you. 

Rather [sic] we wanted to make sure that there is appropriate documentation from your attorney on that request. Please have him reach out to our attorney and [sic] we will get you those items immediately.



Yet even when Angie responded that she did not have legal counsel, GCA did not return Grant’s belongings.

Similarly, knowing that Gracie loved to sleep in her brother’s baseball jerseys, Angie asked the school to return Grant’s belongings so she could give them to Gracie at Christmas.

Again, the fake Christians at GCA ignored Angie’s request.

Posthumous degree

Mason and GCA took a similar approach when it came to the issue of awarding Grant a posthumous high school diploma.

An excellent student, Grant was working on his senior year courses when he died.

Yet the school brushed off Angie’s request on the basis that Grant had not started his senior year. Spare us.

That makes us wonder: What kind of asshole messes with a grieving mother like this? How is this Christian?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Mason allegedly married one of his former students. Yikes.

Moreover, Angie copied both McKnatt and Myers on the emails about Grant’s belongings, so it’s not like this is bad behavior on the part of just one person.

Anglican Watch has emailed a request to pastor Rob Rogers for the immediate return of Grant’s belongings. We will update readers in the unlikely event we get a response.

Parents, this is how folks at Grace Christian Academy roll. It’s how folks at Grace Chapel roll.

Grace Christian Academy is so toxic folks there think it’s okay that they stole items from Grant Solomon’s funeral


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  1. People keep asking “how is this christian”? Honestly, I think its the most christian thing you could do. The religion is a cancer not a cure. God the more I read about this case the more I think we should burn that school down and salt the earth. The Episcopal church loves to tell you how progressive it is, but at the core its an elitist institution that has constantly abused its power and left mankind much worse off than it would have been without their curse. 

    Poll after poll has shown what outsiders think of Christians and its not pretty. They just make a shocked face and remind us of how loving they are. Whats funny is most of those outsiders in America were former insiders. The church deserves its fate and assholes like this gym teacher are perfect example of what a true christian is.

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