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Sam Johnson, misogynist, bully, and friend to dirtbag Aaron Solomon, is back in court

Sam Johnson, fake Christian

Sam Johnson, the world-class asshole, misogynist, bully, homophobe and friend to the equally porcine Aaron Solomon, is back in court against comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin posted a video on social media of Johnston harassing a male same-sex couple as they prepared to go to their high school prom.

Court records indicate that the original case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. An appellate court overturned the ruling. Thus, the matter is now back in court.

Johnson asserts that the video was edited to change its meaning, and had it not been for Griffin, the video would not have gone viral.

But we have a caution for Johnson: Not only do we see no evidence that his claims are true, but court is not a great place for folks with skeletons in their closet. These so-called skeletons include:

  • Allegations of domestic violence and abuse.
  • Claims that Johnson is an alcoholic and drug user.
  • Multiple claims of domestic affairs on Johnson’s part.
  • Myriad situations in which Johnson allegedly has been with prostitutes, including the time he purportedly snuck out in the middle of the night in New Orleans. He was allegedly found the next morning naked in an alley, covered in feces, his wallet missing, and left to die. ‘Natch, he blames it on two “foreigners” two allegedly drugged him, took him to an ATM to clean out his account, beat him up, and left him to die. We wonder: What were the names of those ladies? (Curiously, we find no evidence of a police report.)
  • Johnson’s weird conduct in the death of Grant Solomon, including his repeated fabrication that the gearshift on Grant’s truck failed.

So, Kathy, give us a call. We have lots of juicy tidbits we can provide to your lawyers, including some very interesting financial information. We’ve got your back! And we are proud of you for standing up for others.

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