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Police report filed against Leslie Malm

Leslie Malm

Earlier today, we got another weird, threatening email. We looked up the geolocation connected with the email, and guess what? It returns to Wareham Massachusetts aka perjuring priest Bob Malm’s digs.

Since we have previously warned Malm’s wife Leslie via legal counsel not to have further contact, we have filed a police report with the relevant agencies against Leslie. And while Leslie may not be directly behind the threatening emails, we are confident that she is ultimately responsible.

Particularly noteworthy is that previous emails used her old Sport and Health email address. Yet when legal counsel confronted Leslie about her stalking, she claimed she didn’t remember contacting Anglican Watch.

Also telling is the fact that Leslie invariably conflates homonyms, has Weird Capitalization, deploys the whole “let go and let God,” bullcrud, and has strange ideas about what is legal and not.

Leslie also has adopted a disturbing tactic from her husband, perjuring priest Bob Malm. Specifically, she likes to gaslight her victims and lie in an attempt to win disputes. That is symptomatic of a deeply troubled personality.

Amusingly, Leslie also likes to deploy her whole, “Let go and let God,” routine, straight out of soundbite Christianity. What’s amusing is that she is the last person to follow her own advice, and she trots out her “advice” when it be advantagous to her. Yet her fights with her husband are the stuff of legend, raging on for hours and often audible outside the house. Indeed, Lindsay Malm Anders used to be famous for hiding out elsewhere when her parents were fighting, even though today she talks about her “loving home,” and how awful her mother is. Not exactly healthy.

Her bit about living in Massachusetts is pretty funny too. Not only does Leslie have no clue where anyone lives, but if law enforcement really was concerned about people’s veracity, a great place to start would be Bob Malm’s courtroom perjury. So we’re betting her attorney enjoys sending her bills for weird stuff like this.

Hopefully Leslie gets tired of her terroristic threats and stalking. But if not, we will seek legal recourse against her.

Leslie Malm
Leslie Malm

Hopefully Leslie will take her weird, dysfunctional, stalking behavior elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been filed with Comcast’s abuse department.


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  1. In previous times, persons with over inflated estimations of themselves were called narcissists. Or, in the Bible, nabal; translated “fools”. They do this to cover their own insecurity; they conflate themselves. At some point in childhood, they were basically abandon, or, at least felt abandon by their parents. Not all kids so treated adapt this way. Some become extreme empaths for the oppressed and forgotten and can overdue humility. It is not unusually for two maladjusted people to find each other and become co-dependent in their dysfunction. Enter Bob and Leslie. Lying is natural for them, bravado is natural, yelling, shouting, belittling is natural. Wanting to destroy people who won’t follow their warped narrative is natural. And, if we are honest, many a leader and wife in modern American society; spiritual, political, educational spheres, in business, exhibit this adaptation; to win at all costs and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

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