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PCA faces its own sexual abuse scandal

Tenth Presbyterian

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the smaller, more conservative denomination compared to the PCUSA, has long prided itself on its rigorous governance. And for almost as long, the PCA has been on our Top Ten Miscreants list for its abysmal conduct toward whistleblowers, including Phil Snyder and Austin Davis. Both have faced egregious retaliation for doing the right thing. And now, Christianity Today reports that the denomination faces its own sexual abuse scandal.

Big surprise, there.

For the record, when any organization builds a culture in which people are afraid to come forward, that is itself abusive. And it’s a wide-open door for additional abuse.

While we’re at it, let us be clear: Any organization that punishes whistleblowers is not of God. Folks can pray every Sunday, go on missions, operate food pantries in all directions, and do all kinds of good works. But to use a favorite phrase of the Puritans, “Because ye were neither hot nor cold, out of my mouth I spewed thee.”

In other words, nothing overcomes the sin of abusing another human being, made in God’s image.

And so, the PCA falls into the same stinking crock of goo as the Catholics, the SBC, and yes, the Episcopal church. Not to mention independent cesspools, like the profoundly corrupt Grace Chapel Church in Franklin TN. (Feel free to quote us.)

All of this comes as no surprise. Just as the worst child abusers are typically the ones who most resoundingly condemn child abuse, PCA’S noisy bit about how it runs a tight ship is horsepucky.

And while we’re on the topic, PCA will soon meet in Nashville, a Gehenna of corruption, good old boys, and incompetence. With that in mind, the God we know is one of truth and transparency, which is another way of saying it’s time for Covenant to quit trying to hide the so-called manifesto. 

By continuing its efforts to infringe freedom of speech, the church reinforces our belief that the shooter was sexually molested. (As a reminder, we have said repeatedly that nothing justifies killing innocent children and adults. Nor does anything warrant covering up the truth to hide the church’s misconduct. And lest we forget, Tennessee has mandatory child abuse reporting, yet the school ignored John Perry’s abuse of children for two years. So yes, there’s misconduct afoot, no doubt about it.)

Tellingly, the advocates quoted in the Christianity Today article now mirror our advice about the Episcopal church: don’t report misconduct to the church. You’ll get bullied, shunned, called a domestic terrorist, and more. And assholes like pastor Liam Goligher and Episcopal priest Bob Malm will lie about you.

Then there’s the rhetorical question asked of law students, “Is justice delayed justice denied?” Folks may reach differing conclusions about the answer, but given the years it takes to come to closure in PCA or Episcopal clergy disciplinary proceedings and the inherent trauma, going that route is a bad idea, regardless of the eventual outcome.

And so we are going to reiterate our call to Tenth PresbyterianCovenant Presbyterian in Nashville, Paula Clark of the Episcopal Dioceses of Chicago, Alan Gates of the Diocese of Massachusetts, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and the profoundly corrupt Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy to clean up their acts. 

And it starts with firing lying sacks of scum like Liam Goligher, who has abused his role as a pastor to commit perjury and perpetuate a fraud on the courts. Nor can you say, “Well, he made a mistake, but he’s a good man.” Anyone who sends money and turns a blind eye is every bit as complicit as the perpetrator. And lest we leave any doubt, we’re going to say it flat out: Liam Goligher is a criminal.

Neither Anglican Watch nor anyone else has time or patience for these lying, corrupt, evil dirtbag organizations. 

Nor would Jesus have time for them. Jesus stood against injustice and oppression; these organizations perpetrate abuse.

And for those in denominations breathing a sigh of relief, we have this to say: Your time is coming. Clean up now, on your own, or outsiders will force your hand.

Justice is coming.

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