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Anglican Watch uncovers rape allegations involving Aaron Solomon

Grant Solomon

Anglican Watch continues to dig deep in an effort to find justice for Grant, Gracie, and Angie Solomon. In the course of doing so, we’ve uncovered additional sordid accusations involving former WSMV anchor Aaron Solomon.

Before we go further, recall that these are accusations only. All persons are innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

That said, if we were one of Aaron’s sources of narcissistic supply, we’d be making ourselves scarce, and damned quick. (Theme song: “Do you know the way to San Jose?”)

Sources with ties to WSMV tell Anglican Watch that Solomon was initially demoted, then terminated, for inappropriate content on work devices. That strikes us a highly plausible, given what else we know. It also aligns with reports that Aaron provides others with porn, and accesses child porn.

We also are told that Aaron has frequented prostitutes, and several did so without compensation, as professional favors. That leads us to speculate that Aaron is engaged in human trafficking.

Additionally, two additional women have come forward. One is connected with the Miss Tennessee event, where Aaron served as a “celebrity judge.” Both report cases of sexual assault.

At this point, we’re going to shift gears and call our one of the Miss Tennessee contestants, allegedly with first-hand knowledge, who refuses to speak out in public.

You can gas on all about “servant leadership” all you want, but if you can’t stand up for a boy who died under highly questionable circumstance or a girl who’s been repeatedly raped by her father, you are:

  • Immoral and useless.
  • A hypocrite of the worst sort.
  • Someone who, either in this life or the next, will be held accountable.

How would you feel if Grant and Gracie were your children? You are despicable.

In addition to the rape and human trafficking claims, we have received several reports of grooming of young women on Aaron’s report. If nothing else, it is seriously creepy to be texting minor females with whom Aaron has no connection.

And let’s not forget—Aaron’s eulogy at Grant’s funeral is a lie, told to everyone in the room.

Multiple sources tell us Aaron is an atheist. So his bit about playing ball in heaven in bullcrud. And we have already substantiated that no one “came to Christ” after finding Grant’s cellphone after his death.

As for the FBI, the allegations we have received about Aaron Solomon accessing child porn justify a warrant for his cellphone and Internet records. If you need us to make a statement under oath, you can contact us via our online form any time. We are even happy to fly to Memphis to do it on our own nickle.

As for Grant’s so-called band of brothers, he deserves better. Every one of you says you want justice, but you sit silent.

That’s called cowardice, and it’s not a recipe for success in sports or in life.

And as to your complaints about George, he’s got twice the integrity of the entire bunch of you put together. It’s time to stop being a bunch of losers and play to win. And it’s a lot easier to win when you man up, versus wringing your hands like a bunch of sorry old ladies.

So, as Grant would say, “Let’s goooooooooo.”

Last but not least: Another reminder that these are all allegations, and nothing is proven in a court of law. But we believe Grant, Gracie, and Angie, and we have their backs.

Next up: Porn, Aaron Solomon, and Merrill Lynch.

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