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Check it out: Julie Roys blocks Anglican Watch on X

Julie Roys, dirtbag from hell, has blocked Anglican Watch. We applaud the move.

You know you’re doing something right when a clergyperson who has abused someone under their pastoral care blocks you for calling them out. That is the case with Julie Roys, a former youth pastor and publisher of The Roys Report, who by her own statement abused “Sarah,” a young woman under her pastoral care.

And while Roys lies — or even worse, doesn’t realize she’s engaging in fabrication — about her previous abuse, her actions reflect a regression from her past promise to learn and grow from her abuse.

On top of that, we’ve received myriad reports of unethical journalistic conduct on Julie’s part, including stealing stories and trying, via fabrications, to swipe confidential material from other journalists.

So, we’re proud to be blocked by Roys, and we warn members of the LGBTQ+ community: Roys’ victim was a young woman, allegedly with same-sex romantic interests, whom Roys was trying to push into conversion therapy.

In other words, anyone who values integrity, and doesn’t think LGBTQ+ persons deserve the psychological torture of conversion therapy, should cut Julie Roys and The Roys Report a wide berth.

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