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Fun times ahead for St. Paul’s Dayton

Daniel McClain, Episcopal priest

Someone recently asked us if, in the push to find justice for Grant Solomon and his sister Gracie, we have forgotten about the other cases on our radar.

The answer is heck no, and Anglican Watch is pleased to report there are fun times ahead for St. Paul’s, Dayton.

According to local records, the courts have granted a motion by rector Dan McClain’s wife Kate for psychological testing for both parents.

Boom! Dan’s been going around telling people that his wife has a mental illness for much of his time in Dayton. And while we believe anyone married to Dan would have a compelling reason to be mentally ill, this calls his bluff.

Anglican Watch reiterates our previous position: It is spectacularly inappropriate for any priest to trash their spouse to members of the congregation. 

We’ve observed this behavior in numerous cases involving an abusive priest, and the tactic is right out of Serial Bullying 101 — pull a DARVO, claim the other side is the offender, and tell everyone you’re the victim.

Speaking of mental health and related topics, we continue to wonder about Dan McClain’s purported exorcisms. Did he, as required by church rubrics, get the bishop’s permission to hold these exorcisms? And what exactly was he trying to exorcise? 

These allegations sound like cray flashbacks to Dan’s time at Liberty University, as we don’t know many Episcopalians into exorcism.

That said, a good splash of holy water might be just the thing Dan McClain needs. 

Who knows? It might even compel him to stop his purported extramarital affair. 

And for the record, it is NOT helpful to children when a parent has an affair.

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