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GCA teacher and coach Len McKnatt implicated in failure to report child abuse

GCA coach and teacher Len McKnatt

As we look at the corruption behind the death of Grant Solomon and the sexual abuse of his sister, Gracie, another so-called leader deserves scrutiny. The person in question is David Len McKnatt, a teacher at GCS who also failed to report child abuse. McKnatt also served as Grant’s basketball coach.

To be clear, McKnatt’s been around long enough to know that he’s a mandated reporter, having taught at Battle Ground Academy for 19 years before joining GCA in 2014.

Nor was McKnatt unaware of Grant and Gracie’s plight. Indeed, he was at meetings with Amy Curle when school staff discussed the matter.

Moreover, McKnatt’s wife Haley worked as a registered nurse for many years before becoming a sales agent with DeFatta Homes. Thus, she would likely have told McKnatt of his legal and ethical responsibility to report abuse.

There’s also a telling connection in this: GCA soccer coach David DeFatta and his family own DeFatta homes. 

Public records indicate that McKnatt paid $700,000 in an all-cash transaction for a home in 2021. 

Despite being a member of the Church of Christ, McKnatt is part of the inner circle around Steve Berger, according to insiders. He appears to have come to GCA through his connection with baseball coach Brad Myers, who worked with McKnatt at Battle Ground Academy

Battle Ground Academy is well known to area residents following the mysterious stabbing death in 2019 of two alumni, Clay Beathard and Paul Trapeni, outside the Dogwood Bar in midtown Nashville. The two are buried near Grant Solomon.

Following Solomon’s unexplained death, McKnatt refused a request from Grant’s mother, Angie Solomon, to provide her with Grant’s baseball jersey and related items.

Grace Christian Academy has allegedly told Grant’s mother to hire an attorney if she wants her son’s belongings returned.

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  1. I cannot imagine living under such constant fear and manipulation. All the worst aspects of Christianity, rolled into one lump, and called Grace Chapel.

    Yes, I am back.

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