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Pastor Steve Berger attacks in the face of mounting social media pressure

Steve Berger

White nationalist pastor Steve Berger, who previously led Grace Chapel in Lieper’s Fork, TN, appears to be trying to launch a counter-attack following questions about his integrity and that of persons in his immediate circle.

In a recent sermon based on John 8:44, Berger, who now heads up the Christian nationalist group Ambassador Services International, seemingly went on the attack, telling people that Satan is the father of lies and that, before they repeat or listen to criticism, they’d better be sure it’s true. He also decries critical social media commentary about him.

Anglican Watch has followed Berger for some time now, and resorting to implicit threats of hellfire and damnation appears part of Berger’s modus operandi when he feels threatened.

In addition to responding to criticisms of his fabrications about his meeting with Grant Solomon shortly before the latter’s death, Berger may also be trying to run interference for Christian nationalist candidates he supports in Tennessee. This includes Franklin candidate Gabrielle Hanson, who has ties to neo-Nazi groups in the area.

And while Berger continues to warn folks about Satan, Anglican Watch remains unconcerned. While we have our doubts about the existence of Satan, thanks to the behavior of folks like Berger, we’re pretty sure if there is a Satan, he’s busy covering up the facts behind the death of Grant Solomon. 

Or possibly acting as wingman when Aaron Solomon, purported conservative Christian, is on cyberspace looking for men and women with whom to hook up.

Aaron Solomon on straight hookup site
Aaron Solomon on straight hookup site

Meanwhile, we reassert our conclusions in the Solomon case:

  • Berger is lying about his meeting with Grant Solomon.
  • Berger tipped off Aaron Solomon about Grant’s plans to go public about his father’s illegal conduct.
  • Berger’s tip led to Grant’s death 75 days later.
  • Aaron Solomon is involved in myriad illicit activities.
  • Berger is aware of Aaron Solomon’s corruption.
  • Berger failed to fulfill his role as a mandated reporter of child abuse and child sexual abuse on multiple occaisions.

Moreover, we are prepared to offer evidence in support of these conclusions when the inevitable criminal investigation into Steve Berger and the corruption at Grace Christian Academy occurs.

As for Berger himself, we submit he is not a follower of Jesus, but rather a Christian nationalist who is pursuing power, fame, and money at any cost. He is believed to have ties to various white nationalist organizations, and we object to his false and misleading political statements.

.We stand by our reporting.

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