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Evidence shows Presiding Bishop candidate Rob Wright ignored prior Title IV complaint involving Episcopal priest Ben Day

Bishop Robert Wright ignores Title IV complaints

As Anglican Watch continues our investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct at Christ Church, Kennesaw, GA involving rector Ben Day, details on Atlanta Bishop Rob Wright’s nonfeasance in the matter are coming into focus. Evidence indicates that +Wright was included on a prior written complaint, as was Canon to the Ordinary The Rev. Canon Alicia Schuster-Weltner.

The prior complaint was sent to Bishop Wright and Schuster-Weltner on Mon, May 27, 2024 at 8:27 PM, and was copied to the assistant to the Canon to the Ordinary, Carmen Holman.

While the prior written complaint was not expressly captioned as Title IV, it clearly stated it was a disciplinary complaint, and made clear that the substance of the complaint was allegations of sexual misconduct by Episcopal priest Ben Day.

Thus, per Title IV, which says that a complaint may be made in any form, by any person, the correspondence qualified as a Title IV complaint.

Moreover, the correspondence includes evidence, including proof photographic proof that Day’s current wife, Mallory, attended the church with her then-fiancé, Art Blackburn, then a member of the parish. Moreover, evidence sent to Wright and Schuster-Weltner shows that Mallory was received into the parish from another faith tradition.

Nor are the allegations in the complaint, reproduced below, vague or innocuous. Indeed, the author reports that Mallory, then eight months pregnant with her fiancé’s child, was caught mid-coitus in bed with Day. Not exactly amenable to varied understandings.

So why did Wright and Schuster-Weltner ignore the prior complaint? What does it take in the Diocese of Atlanta to be disciplined for sexual abuse? Rolling around on the bishop’s desk?

And before we get the inevitable comments about consenting adults, there is no such thing when a parishioner is involved. Such relationships are, by definition, abusive.

Anglican Watch did not receive an immediate response from Wright or Schuster-Weltner regarding their reasons for ignoring the prior complaint.

Photographic evidence of Mallory Thagard Hamilton attending Christ Church Kennesaw with her fiance, Art Blackburn
Photographic evidence of Mallory Thagard Hamilton attending Christ Church Kennesaw with her then-fiance, Art Blackburn



  1. Oh my word. I have been following the articles on this as it’s a very concerning set of accusations for our community and it feels like this whole situation is becoming quite a sinister onion with more and dark layers at every turn. God Bless the poor children involved.

  2. Bishop Rob Wright met Mallory in May of 2022 when he was visiting Christ Church Kennesaw and received her into the church. He photographs all of his visits to parishes… he surely has photos of this event as well. The entire churched celebrated over a meal together after Bishop Wright’s lively sermon.

    1. To be clear: There is zero excuse for ignoring a situation where, as here, the behavior of a priest is causing suffering for others.

      We condemn without reservation Bishop Wright’s feckless approach to clergy discipline, as well as that of his Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Canon Alicia Schuster-Weltner.

      Ignoring this situation for as long as they have is indefensible and outrageous.

  3. This feels insulting to the faith parishoners have in a supposed spiritual leader. Welcoming in new members as the lord would want, then a clergy member goes & not only does something like this but it ALSO gets it covered up? How are we supposed to trust the clergy w/our spiritual well-being when it feels as if we cannot even trust them w/our friends & family that we may bring into the faith? Shame all around.

    1. We agree. If you cannot trust your priest, pastor, or bishop, who can you trust? And it’s even worse when you turn to a bishop or diocesan official for help, and they ignore you or otherwise betray your trust.

  4. Current safety being the first concern. Has anyone informed Amanda Lewis, Art Blackburn, or the other children’s father that Father Ben is violating the court order and drinking around the children?

    1. We believe that Mr. Blackburn is aware that Ben is consuming alcohol in violation of the court order. We do not know wheher DFCS has been informed.

      In case it is helpful, the number for DFCS is 1-855-422-4453. Georgia is a mandatory reporting state.

  5. Frankly, I had hoped we as a faith were better than this kind of scandalous behavior. Having priest to wind up in a situation that 100% sounds like a direct abuse of power & an aspiring Bishop Candidate to not address it in any capacity really hurts the overall message that I feel we hold in esteem for ourselves.

  6. The priest in question needs to be defrocked. The clergy must be held to higher standard. He knowingly has hurt his congregation. Its inexcusable.

    1. Agree. And if Wright and his Canon to the Ordinary don’t get their acts together, they both need to face discipline. This situation is a friggin’ mess, from top to bottom.

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