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Police records raise child welfare concerns at Episcopal priest Ben Day’s home

Fr. Ben Day, Episcopal priest and sexual abuser

Anglican Watch recently obtained 911 call center records for the rector of Christ Church, Kennesaw, GA, in conjunction with our investigation of sexual misconduct involving Day. The records raise significant concerns about the welfare of the children in the home.

Among the documented calls are two involving potential child abuse, and one for a suicide attempt.

While not dispositive, these calls, together with allegations that Day is violating a previous court order to stop drinking, suggest that children at the location are in need of services. Moreover, the Bishop Robert Wright’s refusal to date to address the underlying allegations may be placing children at risk.

A redacted copy of the 911 logs follows.

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  1. There was another recent incident with the daughter. I hope she is OK given the drama at her mother’s home.

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