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PB Michael Curry’s legacy will be one of humiliation, failure and loss

While Anglican Watch differs from colleague David Virtue’s views on same-sex marriage, we heartily agree with other aspects of his assessment of Bishop Curry’s tenure. Too little substance, too much paper, zero accountability. We also recall a time when all were welcome in the church, not only those who think like us. PB MICHAEL CURRY’S LEGACY WILL BE ONE Read More

TEC misses the mark in its profile for the next presiding bishop

Have you ever read an article that comes close but never manages to tell the whole story? An article that takes you 90 percent of the way there but never quite rounds third base? If so, you may read the joint nominating committee’s profile for the next presiding bishop of the Episcopal church and feel a sense of Read More

Ending the lie: The Episcopal church is not a democracy

One of the significant impediments to change in the Episcopal church is when members, wittingly or unwittingly, share fabrications about the church. And one of the most blatant fabrications is the notion that the Episcopal church is a democracy. It is not. For starters, once elected, bishops have almost no accountability. Yes, if they do something egregious, the Read More

So what should the next presiding bishop look like?

What should the next presiding bishop look like? Well, for starters, we’re not talking about her physical appearance. Nor are we talking about race, gender, ethnicity, whether she’s differently abled, her sexual orientation, or any of those things. Instead, we’re talking about what should be in her OTM portfolio. For starters, let’s look at what we got with Read More