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Update on abusive Episcopal priest Ben Day and his misconduct

Fr. Ben Day, Episcopal priest and sexual abuser

In the midst of our ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse of process, and suborning perjury on the part of Episcopal priest Marshall Ben Day, who is the rector of Christ Church, Kennesaw, GA, Anglican Watch has learned of additional misconduct on the part of Day.

Specifically, as part of Day’s vendetta against his wife’s former fiancé, Art Blackburn, sources close to the matter are telling us that Day is pushing the district attorney to go for the jugular in the pending criminal case, which is based on Day’s fabrications.

Thus, we not only have abuse of process on Day’s part, but attempted manipulation of the criminal justice system that is placing the district attorney’s office at risk. Moreover, Day’s conduct, including his resumption of alcohol consumption in violation of the order of the Cobb County Courts, is creating reputational risk for the police department.

Anglican Watch cautions local officials that this entire situation, including Day’s use of the police department to try to intimidate critics, undermines trust in local government and creates the risk that local officials may face accusations of conflicts of interest and possible corruption.

For the record, here is a copy of an email in which Day attempts to use the Kennesaw police department to intimidate a local voter who criticized him.

Up next: Ben Day lied about his wife, Mallory, not being associated with Christ Church prior to their intimate encounters.

Ben Day, Episcopal priest
Ben Day, Episcopal priest and sexual abuser


  1. Millions of people marched to support Black Lives Matter and Georgie Floyd. And we didn’t do all that so that white men like Father Ben Day can use the police like their own bully force to intimidate people. The Diocese of Atlanta needs to update their anti-racism training to include the harm that white people cause when they weaponize the police because common sense and kindness is not prevailing in Kennesaw.

  2. This is textbook behavior for a predator. What kind of man sees a pregnant woman, with a household full of young children, and thinks sex, sex, sex. Sicko! Father Ben Day needs to resign from the church and from priesthood.

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